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Inbox and Calendar Suggestions

I scrolled through the topics and saw several Calendar topics but didn't see any resolutions. What I'd like to suggest is that it would be great to be able to make notes on the calendar that only we can see. I think I've seen this suggestion but not sure what the resolution was.

It would also be extremely helpful if, in the area where we're communicating with our customer in the Inbox, which I love, that the date we are hired showed up there and on the calendar. It would also be nice if the date of each communication was posted in that area, like in a real email Inbox. That way, when discussing the job, we can refer the customer to the comment posted on such-and-such a date.

I have to say I'm getting lots of quilt orders and although I don't love paying for leads that I don't want to respond to, I guess that's the price I have to pay for using your platform. All in all, I'm a happy Thumbtack camper. Smiley Happy


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Re: Inbox and Calendar Suggestions

@QuilterinIowa thanks so much for sharing these great ideas. I can't promise that they'll be added but I'll definitely pass along your feedback about the calendar to our product teams for consideration. As for getting leads that you normally wouldn't respond to, have you already looked into fine-tuning your preferences?

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Improvement need for Calendar

With the new auto-pay ("You were promoted") it is more critical than ever to have a calendar system that works and is easy for user to update. 

User Story: " As a Thumbtack Top Pro it is essential that I can quickly and easily update my calendar to block out times and days I am unavalable so I dont get "promoted" to jobs when I am unavalable."


Being able to block the same days and time every week 

Ability to select an entire day with one click

Ability to sync with external calendars (Outlook, Google, etc)

Jobs marked "Hired" flow to calendar with user being able to specify the time range or entire day

Those are my top requirements I am sure others can tag on.




Re: Improvement need for Calendar

Hi there @zona5101, thanks for starting this conversation! This is very detailed feedback and I appreciate you taking the time to let us know more about why the calendar isn't working for you. I've passed all of your suggestions on to our Product Team. 

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I think Thumbtack needs to update their options for being able to block out dates and times without having to go to each date and blocking them out individually.

I run a karaoke show 4 nights a week. It would be nice to be able to block out those dates and time for the entire year without doing it one at a time.

It would also be cool if we are hired that it also went to schedules on Google calendar.


Re: Calendar

@djkevan these are both great suggestions! Marco mentioned in the last Q&A here As for the ability to sync with other calendars, we are working on this, thanks to feedback we’ve received from many of you. Stay tuned as we continue to make improvements and be sure to share your feedback with us at any time.

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Calendar Issues

Hi Pros,
I’ve tried using the promote setting to get more leads, but since there is no option to put certain days you are unavailable, I keep getting charged for leads when I’m already booked. Is there away we can put on the calendar when we are unavailable so that the “promoted” leads don’t come to us?
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Re: Calendar Issues

@LadiBug that's what we have the calendar for. The calendar allows you to block off days and times that you aren't available so that you don't get leads for those days. Just log into your account, and go to your calendar. If it's showing white, that means your available, if it's showing blue, that means that you're blocked or have a job. Let us know if you have any other questions! 

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