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Is anyone else obsessed with the Insights tab?

It has become a part of my weekly work routine to check my Insights tab. I make it a personal goal to increase my statistics and to make sure that I'm matching, if not going above, the average numbers. It provides me with lots of things to be grateful for as well -- such as having more reviews or a faster response time than those in my market!

I'm encouraged to do better each week and I give myself the task of tackling one aspect at a time to increase my numbers -- such as adjusting my price to match more of the average to see if my New Contacts increase or working on my response time to beat my previous week's.

What about ya'll? Is the Insights tab something you rely on or does anyone else use it as a tool to test little changes on their profile? 

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Re: Is anyone else obsessed with the Insights tab?

I’ll trade you the clients budget for those insights
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Re: Is anyone else obsessed with the Insights tab?

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Re: Is anyone else obsessed with the Insights tab?

Thanks for posting @PatriciaN

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