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Is there a limit?

Is there a limit on how many pros get the lead? Or maybe is it closed after so many pros respond to the lead or can there be 12 pros that respond to the same customer with quotes?  Please do not reply with "I think it means" or "to my understanding"....

Please only respond if you have a rock solid black and white "this is the way it is" answer to my question.

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Re: Is there a limit?

@afacetopaint there is not a limit of the number of pros who get the lead. The job will stay active for up to 30 days unless the customer hires a pro or updates their project. If you have any other questions regarding Thumbtack feel free to reach out! 

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Customer Quotes

I feel if a customer asks a pro their availability as a direct lead they should not be able to connect with more than maybe 1 more person to compare. After all, they contacted us directly, they see our profile, and know our price most of the time. I have an issue with paying for a direct lead and then finding someone I thought would be a customer has not replied to me after first contact or has done with someone else. Sometimes I have an extensive conversation about their job and still its like they disappear. I don't think I have done anything wrong. Also, I sometimes see them pop up again! I actually made an error and quoted on the same person twice once. How can that not be allowed since we pay for our leads?