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Community Regular

Lead filtering

I would love the ability to filter the leads page so I can view which leads based on particular specifications from the customer.  This would allow me to quickly see which leads I know I have the best shot at getting hired for.  Would also los to be able to see see the price of leads without having to open up the details would save me a LOT of time as well.

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Lead filtering

Thanks for sharing this feedback @Amymnzn! Can you expand more on what filters would be helpful for you? Do you want to see these filters in the Leads tab, Opportunities tab, or both? 

Community Regular

Re: Lead filtering

I’d like to the ability to use a filter to sort leads by particular maxims or criteria. For example, if I want to only see which leads that are closest in proximity to me, I’d like the option to view only the leads that match that criteria. Much like you might do when shopping for shoes online (i.e. only show me: boots, size 6, brown, for under $50)

If I can’t afford to accept every lead, I want to be able to quickly find the leads that I have the best shot at being hired for. This would save me time by allowing me to answer the proper leads quickly and would help in keeping my budget in mind.

Does that make sense?
Moderator Meckell

Re: Lead filtering

@Amymnzn thanks for that example, we'll be sure to pass that along to the appropriate teams. If you have any other filters aside from distance that you think would be helpful for you, let us know! 

Community Regular

Re: Lead filtering

Great thanks!

And sure. Specific to the service i provide

- cost of lead
- distance
- age
- experience
- length of lesson
- travel preferences

Also as a music teacher it would also be nice to provide an option to the leads to select the following:

- who the lessons are for (themselves, another adulthood, or a child)
- if for a child, their relationship to the child
- age of the child

I get a lot of leads from parents and it’s a little confusing at first because I always address them as though the lessons are for them.