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Marriage Proposal Scam


I'm a photographer and dI've had this happen about 4 times now.  Mind you the first 2 times, I didn't see anything off.  The third time, started to notice something odd.  This time, I'm playing the game to actually figure out what the game is. lol.




I get a "lead" or I'm "promoted" to someone who is looking for a marriage proposal.

The "client" will state they are coming to visit and wants to do a suprise proposal.  I've noticed the client will say they are Indian and are having two versions.  An Indian version and an American version.  We will speak, it will be a great conversation, they will want to see more of my work and then disappear for a while..  When I follow up, they've decided to go elsewhere.


Sounds pretty innocent, right?


Found out they are taking the pictures and creating accounts with stock photography agencies. So, even if you have them watermarked, they are editing the watermark out, and using them to generate potential money for themselves with stock photography groups.

IF you feel you are getting something similar, please reach out to Thumbtack.  I believe I was refunded on one of these.  Not sure about the others. 

Just wanted to share.

good luck out there!

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Re: Marriage Proposal Scam

@Sashareneephoto thanks for bringing this to our attention, it's super important for us to know. Yes, please let us know if you run into these type of requests so we can get you taken care of! Go ahead and send me a private message with the names of the customers who you didn't get refunded for, I'm happy to look into it for you. 

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