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Not an exact match leads

Is anyone getting leads for your service that says something to the effect of “this is not an exact match” yet it’s exactly the service you promote, even down to the lead title? I promote hardwood floor Refinishing, I got a lead that asked for hardwood floor refinish and when I went to quote it, it said “read this request carefully as it’s not an exact match. Then the lead cost me 65.00. Anyone else having this happen?
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Moderator Kameron

Re: Not an exact match leads

@Bmaring1 it's likely that while it was in the correct category that you offer, the other details of the job may not have been an exact match to your preferences for that category or even your availability. If you'd like I can take a closer look to be sure. I'll just need a direct message from you with the customer's name.

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Re: Not an exact match leads

I've gotten a few that while stated it wasn't an exact match, they happened to be a perfect match.  In my experience that "Not a Perfect Match" for me is I'm already booked at that time.  I take a look at all my leads now just to be sure.  I don't know that the system always syncs with my calendar correctly.

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