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Privacy Change - Lost Prospect Last Name

How is it legal that we are paying for leads and now suddenly cannot even search for them to follow up or send more information with the removal of their last name? I quote hundreds of people on here a month. I was told it was due to privacy law changes, but what about our rights as pros who are paying for this platform to even run?

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Re: Privacy Change - Lost Prospect Last Name

FYI - they may be in the midst of making changes right now because I can click into people randomly and will see their last name in the actual messaging. This is still not helpful for searching but perhaps not as bad as I initially thought.

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Privacy Change - Lost Prospect Last Name

@EvoCoachKris customers have always been able to choose how much of their information that they'd like to share on the site and with the pro. Although a name is required when customers fill out their information to create a job. When the job is shown in the Jobs page you'll see the first name and last initial. When a customer has reached out to you directly the name listed on their account will be shown. You'll be able to find the message in your inbox with the name they have listed on their acct. In regards to any additional information, many times customers want to wait to share their information with a pro until they've initiated and had some conversation first and we want to allow them to do so at the point that they feel comfortable.

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