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Pro's Customer Info Retention - Growing My Thumbtack Business

Whats the best way to effectively retain my Thumbtack customer contact information in order to perpetuate the growth of my business?

I'm a Thumbtack "piano technician" Pro, and my customer business repeats annually.  Everyone should tune their piano once a year.  So..., what is the best way to recall customer contact information 1 year from now?  I feel like I'm doing Thumbtack a disservice and not growing my business, if I don't effectively retain my new customer contact information so I can easily follow up in the future.

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Pro's Customer Info Retention - Growing My Thumbtack Business

@ChrisPatch thank you again for bringing forward your thoughts on this! This could definitely be a helpful tool for us to look into and hopefully develop on the site. In the meantime, I hope some pros that have come across this will share any thoughts and solutions they've come up with that work for them. Great to have met you and hear your story!

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Re: Pro's Customer Info Retention - Growing My Thumbtack Business

Hey Chris!

Are you using any kind of scheduling software?  We currently subscribe and pay for breezworks and over all its great for storing customer contact info, job notes, sending invoices/estimates, and many other things.  Its fairly simple to use once you get it set up and its mobile features are great (I basically operate, complete, and schedule all jobs day to day using only my phone).   It costs about $26  a month (for one user) but overall its great for a small operation!  Another option you can look into that's free is using google calender it don't do near as much as a scheduling software will but it is free.  Hope this helps, msg me if you want more info! Good Luck Smiley Happy

Moderator Meckell

Re: Pro's Customer Info Retention - Growing My Thumbtack Business

Thanks for sharing @JSGDS!

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