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Promoting my business

My preferences are set to only taking 2-hour jobs for face painting only and have blocked out the dates I am not available, so my question is: 

If the consumer is in my profile and is "Checking availability" for a party that is only 1 hour long, wants balloon twisting as an additional service (there is a selection for this additional service when making the request and I am not profiled for it) and wants it on a day that I have blocked out on my calendar:

Will I still get the lead and be charged for it, or will it tell them that I am not available, I do not offer the services requested or that I have a two-hour minimum?   Please do not reply with "I think it means" or "to my understanding"....

Please only respond if you have a rock solid black and white "this is the way it is" answer to my question.

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Re: Promoting my business

@afacetopaint if you have a date blocked off on your Calendar, the customer won't be able to contact you and therefore, you will not get charged. If the customer is looking for a 1 hour job and you have set in your preferences that you only do 2 hour jobs, you won't show up on their list of pros as you aren't able to do their job. Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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Re: Promoting my business

I also got a response from Camille The Thumbtack Support Team".   This is what she said.." You would still get those leads even if you've blocked your calendar. Unless you turn off the I'm flexible! - get me more leads option. If you have blocked your calendar prior receiving the lead, contact us and we'll take a look at it and even refund the charge."   


FYI for anyone who does not know where to find this option you would go to:  

Services (on your dashboard) then click on the arrow at the end of the services you offer.  (I only have 1 service but if you have more than one you may need to do this for each service.)

Then at the bottom of that page click on TIME then UNselect the  I'm flexible! - get me more leads option.  If that option is selected you WILL be charged for a lead.



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