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Reviews without being hired??

I recently recieved a review from a potential customer. It was a one star because I failed to show for an estimate on a Sunday. It was a busy day for me and I just could not make the drive. I think it’s unfair that thumbtack allows someone who did not hire you to post a review. Customer service through this app is simply a small portion of my service ( I’m a interior painter) . Someone could have great customer service and their work could be complete garbage. Has anyone gone through this?
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Re: Reviews without being hired??

@Gonzalez0917 as soon as you and the customer have begun a conversation on Thumbtack they can choose to leave a review at any time. These can be based on any experience they have with you and not just by any work that's been completed. In an attempt to make things right with the customer, I'd recommend doing your best to respond to the review in a professional way while explaining your side of things.

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Re: Reviews without being hired??

This is completely unfair in my opinion and as a painter who has spent hundreds on thumbtack quotes, I suggest thumbtack reviews this carefully. No ONE should have the option to mark hired simply to leave a bad review. It is useless to try and communicate with the person, the review was already left and the reasons where already communicated with them. This is one of the many apps and ways we reach out to clients and therefore we should not be forced to be on our toes simply to avoid a bad review by someone who felt we were not quick enough in our replies. We live our lives also and should be able to shut off our phone especially on a Sunday evening. Thank you