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SCAM Alert Happening NOW Jan 2019.

Recently I was contacted via TEXT message regarding a Gig that someone wanted to hire me for. I had been in contact with a potential customer just the day before who had responded to my profile on Thumbtack. I answered several questions for this person as they seemed quite interested but did not book my services. The following day  I was contacted via text from  someone claiming to want to book my services that had a lot in common with the individual I had been communicating with but they used a different name. I inquired as to how they came across my contact information and they indicated Thumbtack. In a brief text exhange where I answered their questions they suprisingly requested me to provide my PHONE Carrier information to order phones for some "Clients" and then they would pay me back for my time. This was bizzare to me and I asked them what this had to do with the Gig they wanted to book me for. They went on to state they were in the hospital in ICU and could not get phones to their customer and asked me to help them with this. I immediately recognized this as a scam and told them NO THANKS! Please be very careful as there are people out there who will take advantage of your desire to provide EXCELLENT, responsive service. Make sure you know who you are dealing with! 

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Re: SCAM Alert Happening NOW Jan 2019.

I'm so sorry you had to deal with this @StringBender, that's super frustrating. We have a system set in place that catches and suspicious activity like this from happening on Thumbtack. However, if you do believe this person is associated with a customer who reached out to you through Thumbtack, I want to make sure we get it taken care of. Can you send me a private message with the name of the customer who contacted you on Thumbtack the other day? Once I get that, I'll look into it right away! 

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Re: SCAM Alert Happening NOW Jan 2019.

Something very similar happened to me. Someone contacted me via text to book my services. They were very convincing as a client until they wanted me to book another sevice for them and they would pay me back. They said they couldn't book it themselves because their credit card cannot be processed online. I've recognized it as a scam and told them I can't do it. They inquired about similar services and same amount of people needing them as a customer I have booked the day before. They told be they got my number from Thubtack.

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Re: SCAM Alert Happening NOW Jan 2019.

@theelephantpink I want to look into this further and see if this customer has any association with Thumbtack. Can you send me a private message with their name, phone number, and email address? 

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