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Syncing Thumbtack with External Calendars or Booking Systems

I'm a new pro and now that I have had a chance to explore the community and tool, I'm a little disappointed that there is not a way to sync Thumbtack with other calendars or booking systems.

My current internet of things (IOT) ecosystem includes : Acuity Scheduling, Zoom, Pipedrive, Lead Pages, Google Calendar, etc...

I haven't paid for targeted leads as I'm afraid that I will be double booked.

1. For any other pros offering online services, how do you keep your ecosystem in sync ?

2. Will Thumbtack ever offer integrations or APIs ?

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Syncing Thumbtack with External Calendars or Booking Systems

@pyl welcome the pro Community! First I want to mention that when you set your targeting preferences and block out times on your pro calendar, if a customer contacts you and their project is for a day and time that your unavailable, you'll have the option to accept or decline the lead instead of being automatically charged and double booked.

3rd party calendar integration is a common suggestion we've heard from pros. You can read more about Thumbtacks' thoughts on this in our post: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: August edition under #4. 


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Re: Syncing Thumbtack with External Calendars or Booking Systems

Thank you for the quick response.

Pros that work remotely most likely have an existing ecosystem and a workflow that is synchronized.

To add a manual step that requires cross-checking takes too much time away from running the business.

Interconnectivity would add a lot of value to Thumbtack for pros.

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Re: Syncing Thumbtack with External Calendars or Booking Systems

@pyl stay tuned for Marco's Town Hall coming next week... he addresses this question directly Smiley Happy

Thanks for being a part of the Pro Community,