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This service is useless without filters

I'm in NY, I'm getting leads from CA, TX, MD, FL...

The accounts should have a mile radius to select from, without it, this is a useless service.

Also I only deal with B2B Customers, I don't deal with granny who can't move her mouse for $25 thats 30 mins away, thats a complete waste of time.  

I am looking for businesses that want to have full networks installed, have their offices fully data cabled, install VOIP systems, enterprise WIFI systems... you should have a selection just to receive business leads.

Service has potential, but you guys need to put in some proper filthering for professionals to select so that they can filter out the calls that are either geographically out of range and/or worth their time to take the call.



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Re: This service is useless without filters

@westtech in your account I'm not seeing leads from that far away, but I am seeing opportunities in the Jobs tab that are. In the Jobs tab, we'll show you jobs where the customer has already contacted another pro directly where you could also be a great fit and offer a quote. Remember these are not considered leads until the customer responds to your quote. Those opportunities will be shown from distances up to 150 miles. On that same page, you'll see a filter to narrow down that distance. 

The best way to get directly contacted is by setting your targeting preferences for the services that you offer. This will improve you a boost ranking in search results, get more leads that apply to you, and be specific about which areas you travel to. After filling out your preferences if you have any specific suggestions on how we can include more B2B options feel free to let us know!

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