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Re: Tracking e-mail and text messages


That is the problem. There have been so many changes that we do not know what we are accepting? I have mentioned to you in a DM that we are taking a totally inclusive assignment for the first quarter of 2019 and will not be participating in any marketing functions. Being responsible we do not know what to do to accommodate customers that may want to inquire about our services while we are not available? Can you advise?


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Re: Tracking e-mail and text messages

@bonnie_bill When we prompt you to accept the updated Terms of Use, we provide you with a link that you can go to that outlines the Terms of Use. That way, you know what you're accepting. 
I responded to your private messaged regarding your situation for the first quarter, go ahead and respond to that when you get the chance and we'll get things taken care of. 

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Re: Tracking e-mail and text messages

This is a massive amount of information to have to read through and decipher. It is in legal terms and it will take me some time to read through it. You’ve not given me time to read through it. I can’t even see my profile or my account unless I hit accept . I do not want to hit accept until I’ve had the opportunity to decipher the agreement. That is not going to be done in an hour or so. I am going to have to read through it carefully and seek the advice of someone who understands legal terms and provisions. Until then you have me locked out. This is not right. It is right before Christmas and I have a family to feed and I have used you faithfully for 2 1/2 years and now you are going to cut me off From my account when I need it the most!! You should have given 30 days to read the agreement before locking people out of their accounts.
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Re: Tracking e-mail and text messages

Give us ample time to read through this massive amount of information! Do not just lock us out until we accept. We have done nothing wrong. This is not right.
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Re: Tracking e-mail and text messages

I agree with you.
The agreement is so massive that it is going to take me days to sit down and decipher every sentence to be exactly sure as to what I am agreeing to. But you have it to where I cannot even access my account or get any jobs unless I hit the accept button. This is not right. Right before Christmas and I have no work And I am a single mother with no other income..😢
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Thumbtack’s Terms Of Use

I would like to make sure that it’s stated and known publicly that i do NOT agree or comply with Thumbtack’s most recent terms of service, specifically regarding Thumbtack changing our contact information in a quote that is sent to a client, in order to route that client through a third party, to track our communication with clients.

Nor do I submit, approve of or comply with giving up my right to class action litigation against Thumbtack. 

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So Thumbtack is now Judge, Jury, and Executioner?

I received a cryptic message today, from a "New Interested Customer", asking when I’m available, while also showing a date & time.  It says nothing about what the event is, how many people, what kind of band he’s looking for, etc. Maybe he’s just inquiring to see if I’m available on that date. I don’t quite know what to do with this, and am frankly apprehensive, wondering if this is considered a billable “response”, and if so, how much, etc.

However, before I could even find out my options, once I clicked Reply, it took me the “terms & conditions” page, that I must first agree to, before proceeding.
Great, I didn’t intend to sit and read through a long list of legalese, but I did. However, this part of it stopped me in my tracks:  

Where a pro does not meet this standard, we reserve the right to take any of the following actions pursuant to our Terms of Use in our sole discretion:

  • Require you to participate in mediation, arbitration, or other resolution processes with customers.
  • Charge your credit card to compensate us or a customer for funds you owe, damages you cause, payments under our Guarantee, or other costs as determined in our sole discretion.
  • Commence court, insurance, or collections proceedings against you.


Now, as a longtime professional, I’m not concerned I’ll be violating any standards, however, a couple years ago I did run into a client who wrongly believed he could & should have his payment (despite having paid me the balance, after my performance) refunded.
I would see no reason why you or Gigmasters, GigSalad, PartyPop, or any other listing service should be the judge, jury, and executioner, in determining who’s the guilty party, much less have the ability to charge my card whatever you decided to, at “your sole discretion”!  Not even a real judge can do that, while they do have the right, and expertise to determine who is in the wrong.  
Plus, as your terms & conditions state, you are not our booking agent, representative, nor employee, so I am not going to give you carte blanche to charge my card whatever sum you may have decided, with no recourse. That’s insane, and way over the line.

How do you assume the knowledge, & wisdom to decide a matter regarding a contract I made with a client? Will you compensate us, when we get a bad check, or partial payment?
This sounds a bit too one-way for my liking, if you’re willing to protect the customers, then you’d better be just as willing to protect us, but the terms are not set up that way, are they?
This sounds like just one more misstep on your part, and only adds to the confusion that already exists, where after a number of years of booking gigs through Thumbtack, I’m now not even responding to emails, because everything is so unclear, and changing on the run.