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Updates to Insights

Pros have told us they want to better understand how they’re doing on Thumbtack and what they can do to improve. So we’ve made a few updates to your Insights to help.  Now, Insights will show:

  • your activity on Thumbtack (including a breakdown by each of your services)(screenshot #1 below)
  • how you compare to the competition in your market (screenshot #2 below)

We ultimately want Insights to be a tool that helps you better understand and run your business.

This is just the first step toward helping you track your performance and make the right moves to improve. Check out your Insights and let us know what else you’d find helpful for us to include in Insights.







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Re: Updates to Insights

This is great and helpful. However why take away the insights per job? Why are you not keeping those as well? It’s helpful information. Why not keep those and add the other great things as well since we are now paying triple the cost. It’s just information that helps us and to take it away does t make sense. You’ve explained you added stuff great - appreciate that - but can you please explain why you are taking away helpful information per job. I look at the insights and the comparisons on every thing I quote. It’s been a great tool while I try to navigate all the recent changes that has caused my business to fall off tremendously. I need to learn and that information was helpful. Look forward to your response why TT has taken that out so I can understand clearly. I understand already adding the other information which is helpful yes - just explain why this one great tool of insights per quote would be removed. You removed a whole lot of helpful information so I’m confused why.

Re: Updates to Insights

Kudos JCP!

Most importantly (Jason), did you (TT et al) bother to ask the ONLINE Pros (us) what we wanted??

Apparently not (and anybody else in this discussion thread please chime in if I am wrong), but I have "never" had anyone from TT bother to ask me for any feedback concerning any new enhancements/changes that should be done (or more importantly NOT BE DONE); however, you did bother to contact me to try and sell me on your "Instant Match" scheme. (Glad I did buy into that - what a sham?)  If you had bothered, you would have kept the previous INSIGHTS functionality.

And yes, adding the additional information/data would be appreciated, but the way that TT has done things in the past only lends to what we (ONLINE Pros) would considered as to be an alternative agenda by limiting access to transactional/process information. This lack of transparency only fosters one to think that you are trying to limit our understanding of what is actually going on behind the veil.

I can only say that your continued actions provides less understanding as to how effective this platform is in providing an adequate ROI for the time and effort that ONLINE Pros like myself, JCP, etc. have invested (for myself, that would be going on four years now), and I'd have to say that the ROI has been drastically moving in a downward spiral. And unless you can start providing better assurances, visible actions (like a more quality product), I am afraid you will continue to hemorrage a large proportion of experience professionals.

The ball is in your court. Time to step up and start showing us something that we really want and need in order to justify the money we are spending in order to make this platform possible... MTK

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Re: Updates to Insights

I agree with @jcp
It’s nice to finally be able to see some of the other competition in the area, but only be able to guess at who you’re actually up against based on seeing how many reviews that pro has. It would also be good to see the entire scope of pros who quoted, if they as on instant match and not just those contacted. Am I missing something ?

Re: Updates to Insights

Thanks for bringing this up @jcp. We didn’t take out the insights per job, we just changed it up. If you go to a conversation between you and a customer, you’ll see “view competition” for that specific quote. In there, we’ve added the other pros that were contacted and included their; star rating, number of reviews, response time, and a bar showing their pricing versus the others who also quoted.  It’s still there, but we’ve made a few changes to it. What are your thoughts on this? What specifically do you feel is missing? 

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Re: Updates to Insights

 star rating, number of reviews, response time, and a bar showing their pricing versus the others who also quoted


it doesn't show the number of replies per contractor, as the old insights did. And it doesn't show a pricing bar; at least my 'view comp' doesn't .


Re: Updates to Insights

Thanks for your insight @BradBaldwin. What other feedback do you have for the "view competition" feature? Send any of your suggestions here and they'll go directly to our Product Team. 

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Re: Updates to Insights

Let's see what's going on @AutumnElectric. I sent you a private message, please respond to that once you get a chance and we'll get this figured out. 

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Re: Updates to Insights

How do I send a screenshot
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Re: Updates to Insights

So we can’t see any insights unless the customer has contacted someone? No help! That information was helpful to me in making a decision to reach out with a follow up message. We also can’t see who, if any were hired and where prices were in a scale. Also the info was much easier to understand in the previous format. This is a backwards move. Thanks