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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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Re: Let's talk about our pricing


I would like to know how much i have expensed on your app.

The true is i have sent a lot of quotes by the app, but i havent gotten any job until now, and i dont know how much i have expensed.


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Re: Let's talk about our pricing


go to your dashboard page, top right corner, under your icon.  scan the drop down and click on 'payments'.  at the bottom of that page, there's an option to download a csv file. that will open in an excel format, click 'sum' at the bottom of the payments column.

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Competitors Pricing

While reviewing a recent Quote that I had made, I chose a menu item at the top that is labeled "View Competition". I am then presented with a popup window that shows my information along with the information for the "Ave. Home Inspector" of my competors, and at the bottom of that screen, I see another item that is labeled "view all Home Inspectors as a customer".

I was able to see several Home Inspection companies with pricing much like this screen:


1) Are the competitors shown on this screen the ones who quoted this specific job?

2) How does Thumbtack calculate the estimated cost shown in the upper right?

3) How may I control what value(s) Thumbtack would use to estimate the cost when I appear in a screen like this?

4) If I were a customer, is this the screen I would see if I were doing a search for a home inspector?

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Viewing the Competition and Pricing

This last week I received 2 leads, thats it 2 leads.

I like to view the stats or competiton for each lead I bid or especially on the ones that come in. In the past we could see how many people bid on the job and if our pricing was competitive.  NOW...i can ony see who the customer has contacted.  

WHAT I THINK is that TT is hiding this information from us pro's so we don't know how much TT is making off us.  For 1 of those 2 leads I receieved I was charged $62 and I was the only pro contacted according the stats.  


The 2nd lead I recieved I can see there were 4 pro's contacted.  The value or the "bid on the job" was substantially lower yet I was still charged the same amount as the 1st lead, $62 and to top it off was never contacted back by the customer after the intial question.

QUESTIONS:  How are they coming up with the preceived value of a lead to charge us correctly?  

If each pro is charged for stricktly getting a question about the job, then no one gets the job OR of course only 1 pro gets hired, why do we all have to pay the same amount?


2. Do not charge the pro for just getting questions about the bid and if you MUST charge (because TT seems to be all about taking the pro's money) then charge us a SUBSTANTIALLY smaller amount and charge the HIRED pro the bigger amount.

3. To help with "ghost, bogus, or fake" leads we all seem to get...require the customer put their contact information into the response area so we can call them.  Again, you can still charge a SUBSTANTIALLY smaller amount for the response from the customer to us pro's, but would give us a peace of mind that we could work the lead properly.

4.  By charging the HIRED pro more than the unsuccessful bidders is an ideal solution in my eyes.  I can see TT being afraid that we wouldnt mark us hired if the customer doesnt, but the fact of the matter is, customers on here look at the pro's bidding PRICE FIRST, the rating/reviews 2nd, and the number of times they have been hired 3rd.  So it would be stupid as a pro not to mark that down not just for our stats, but for more potential customers.  ***I SAY THIS BECAUSE I AM ALSO A CUSTOMER MYSELF AND KNOW THE PROCESS.

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Re: Viewing the Competition and Pricing

Here's my theory: They took away "Insights" which gave more info, and gave us "View Your Competition" because of Instant March. (At least they have the decency not to call it "Insights" anymore, because they're not.) Before the recent change, they weren't pushing Instant Match like now. When I'd click on Insights, I'd get like 5 competing pros. Now, after this Instant Match push, there are way more quoting pros. (I found a workaround to see how many people quoted. I'm not going to list it here!) I think it's part of their way to get us to sign up for Instant Match. IM sounds like such a rip-off. Why would I want to pay for a quote I don't even know I want? All it does is put money in Thumbtack's pocket.

Thumbtack: Please stop insulting our intelligence. How many pros quoted matters. If they're not too many, it may encourage pros to quote, which would be good for you, Thumbtack, and good for the pro and customer. You also previously gave us others' quotes prices. You took that away. You say you're making improvements. I'm sure you are in some ways, but in others, the pro experience has diminished. We're your real customers, we're the ones paying you. Don't chase us out!

That being said, your platform is the best I've tried. But I'm sorry to say, that's not saying much. The others are awful and I avoid them like the plague!

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Re: Viewing the Competition and Pricing

Couple more things.

I want to say JCP, God bless you. You've been persistent and articulate with presenting our stance on the subject. Thank you and to other pros who've done the same.

Here is my other point. For now, we pros are hanging on to Thumbtack. We know our way around (well....until they make another "improvement") we have active profiles with reviews, etc. If Thumbtack keeps alienating us, we'll be going to a competitor. I don't know who that competitor is, because I haven't found another platform I like. But someone out there is going to see that there is a hole that needs to be filled and will fill this need. And people will flock over there.

Thumbtack, if you don't treat us well, this will happen. It's Econ 101. I don't want it to, I'd rather stay. But you're not being a good host right now. You will be left with the bottom of the barrel "pros."

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Re: Viewing the Competition and Pricing

If Pros turn off the 'Promote', this will come to a head rather quickly.

A system is only as good if it's profitable