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Why are customers asking are you available on my date?

When a customer responds to my quote they always ask "are you available for my date?" Doesn't the quote respond to the date they are requesting? There are other pros who are noticing this also. 

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Re: Why are customers asking are you available on my date?

I get responses like that too. It must be a canned response that TT programmed into the system.

What is crazy is that an hour or so after the intial quote, and I get asked "am I available?" 

Of course I'm freaking available! What a stupid question. You wouldn't have got a quote from me (I do NOT use intamatch or whatever its called - its a con to make things a race to the bottom on price) if I WASN'T freaking well available.

I ignore the question and respond with my standard kind of pitch assuming that the client is interested.

Re: Why are customers asking are you available on my date?

Yes, really crazy! Are they charging us for these automated messages??? 

Re: Why are customers asking are you available on my date?

Thumbtack is posting a calendar which alleges to show our availability and/or the client's availability. I think it's actively harming me, because potential clients seem to get angry when I'm not available on a date the calendar seems to indicate I'm free and/or I look unreliable. For me at least, I CANNOT allow anyone else to represent my calendar, it changes too quickly day-to-day. I've requested that Thumbtack remove the calendar from my bids, but Thumbtack can't (?).

Calendar and hours of operation

Updating my calendar and my hours does absolutely no good while using instant match when I am getting customer's who contact me after business hours to schedule something. It makes me so upset because about a 1/3 of the potential customers want same day service. Well it's just me 1 employee, also I'm a woman and I'm not compromising my safety to accommodate last min late night client's, I have set business hours for a reason. But still get a bunch of quotes past the day\time they are requesting. I want to be matched better and not charged some extreme amount for a bad match.

Re: Calendar and hours of operation

I've been trying to get Thumbtack to turn off my calendar. REALLY DON"T LIKE THE CALENDAR, for all your reasons and more. My calendar changes almost minute-to-minute, and it's heavily coordinated with personal committments that I will not in any way let anyone see - so Thumbtack's calendar almost feels like it's compromising my privacy and there isn't a prayer the Thumbtack calelandar can "keep up" with my personally-maintained work calendar.