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topic id 23308: Hefty charge for a dead-lead
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Sent Quotes

Why am I seeing quotes that I have archived back in my Sent quotes? No matter which browser I use I'm seeing this? Please fix this. Thank you.
by Hankster Level 9 yesterday
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Hey is Anyone Else Getting "Leads" from 2 and 3 States Away?

Hey is Anyone Else Getting "Leads" from 2 and 3 States Away and What am I supposed to do with that?  What happened to Local Pros? Is this another Beneficial Change for Us Pros???
by K-9 Level 6 yesterday
6 72

Missing Jobs tab jobs?

I've seen maybe a dozen jobs in the last 3 months in my Jobs tab. Insights shows me that there have been 499 jobs in the last 3 months in my area.Why am I only seeing a very very small fraction of the...
by Lar Level 9 Monday
2 7

Reviewed by a Customer Whose Bid I Declined to Answer

I declined to pay $9.66 for a bid because I was too busy for the work. The customer later marked me as hired. I contacted Thumbtack immediately. They told me not to worry. The customer left me a two-s...
by Mkdiehl Level 6 Monday
3 6

Screenshots show thumbtack is showing a lower number of pros contacted to sell more leads?

I had a client contact 4 pros including myself and 3 of us responded in under 20 minutes. The same exact job was listed under the available jobs section with 1 pro contacted and zero pros responding h...
by jaysonp2 Level 4 Monday
3 5

Same Name - Same Request for different dates and Thumbtack says it's OK

Maryjo C ..... Please explain how this can happen?The pros that were promoted just paid for 4 leads that are the same person that is abusing and doing something wrong. 
by MarioRamirez Level 6 Monday
3 2

Follow Up to Quotes sent via Jobs tab reinstated?

A couple of weeks ago Thumbtack removed the ability for us to send follow up messages to quotes that were sent via the Jobs tab. We could only send follow ups if the lead responded to our initial quot...
by Lar Level 9 Thursday
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Event city instead of customer home city

As a DJ, I need to see what city an event is taking place, as I'm sure it goes for many Pros as well.My question, Is it possible to have the customer put the city that their event is taking place in t...
by DJStevie Level 9 Wednesday
1 6

Improvement need for Calendar

With the new auto-pay ("You were promoted") it is more critical than ever to have a calendar system that works and is easy for user to update. User Story: " As a Thumbtack Top Pro it is essential that...
by zona5101 Level 5 a week ago
2 3

Dealing with Ghosts

In Marco's Q&A yesterday one of the questioners mentioned (and I'm paraphrasing) that the quality of leads they were paying Thumbtack for was poor and that some leads weren't even responding at all (i...
by Lar Level 9 a week ago
21 82