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I would like a feature button to be added for both parties when the business owner and customer have agreed and scheduled an appointment. They press a button notifying lead is in process of completing. This lets ALL other business owners not to bid and lose their hard-earned money on a lead that has already be spoken for.  How many times have you responded to lead and they replied "I have already scheduled with another company". We lose money bidding on a leads that are already lined up!!

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@cleanmycarpet we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on how to improve this area of the pro and customer experience. I've made sure to pass along your suggestion to help establish a lead or project status earlier on in the process. 

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I can’t agree more with this as my company has been in the same boat with customers already set up business with another company yet we get charged even if we don’t respond. Customers shopping around looking at different prices ect. Other companies loose out on so much money. Would be nice to have a button to press letting others know they found someone.