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Hi there! Thank you for the opportunity to comment and/or suggest things here.  I just got a lead for a birthday party but the customer failed to provide the date.  So, even though I responded, I felt that it is unfair to all the pros because none of know really if we can do this job without a date, especially when it's already set.  Can Thumbtack put a "date needed" question for customers?That way those of us that can't do the job if we have the date showing, don't need to respond and get charged.

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@Lamblittle the system will typically require a date or range of dates that the customer would like to work with the pro. If you'd like us to look into this further with you, just reach out with the customer's name or contact our support teams.

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Yes, the system does have a "date needed" question, but people don't fill it out. Therefore, I don't respond to anyone who doesn't fill it out. This should be a requirement, not an option.