Do you help companies hire? Do you help job seekers get hired? Let's connect!

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Dear fellow Thumbtack Pros,

As a professional recruiter, I have had the privilege of turning a lead into a long-term customer. That being said, I have also had the displeasure of being contacted by job seekers who think that recruiters are career/job coaches, resume writers, and so on. While I have been successful in getting the Thumbtack team to understand why these types of roles do not actually match my targeting preferences, I would think it would be important for us to collaborate in order to make sure customers actually get connected with the right professionals. That is why I would like for us to connect and understand each other's professions a little better. Realistically, we have things that we are the best at and things we are not the best at, and I think working together honestly will benefit all of us in the long run. Within the community, you can reach out to professionals without them having to worry about being charged for a non-customer connection! ("Add as friend" button) I look forward to connecting!

My recommendation to Thumbtack is to create an inter-pro referral system that allows professionals who were inappropriately contacted (in my case due to common misnomers) to "transfer" or recommend leads to other groups of professionals who have services that more closely align the customers needs. You may see a slight decrease in your revenue in the short-term, but building these types of systems will benefit you in the long run by building trust and loyalty among your professional members, while gaining appreciation from our leads due to ease of finding the right services the first time. I hope you will seriously consider the implementation of this proposed program or something like it.

Best Regards,
Tabitha Gonzalez
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Re: Do you help companies hire? Do you help job seekers get hired? Let's connect!

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Hi Tabitha - I had a client last year where, as we got into the project, we identified a new need and I absolutely used Thumbtack to find that connection . To your point, however, it was disappointing that I needed to go through the same process and and then that Pro had to pay the lead fee because I didn’t have an ‘in-app’ network that I could access. I think this is a great idea!!

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