referring to other pros

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The question of using Thumbtack as a platform for referring business to other pros has been broached before -- there was a post asking about how to hire other pros as a pro directly.  More generally speaking, a referral option could be really useful.  This can be more than simply a version of customers' mechanism of looking for pros.  Rather, a search tool, with useful category- and text-search features, which allows a pro to send inquiries to other pros, and converse with them, could be very useful.  I think as well that while Thumbtack can use such a tool as an opportunity to collect fees from referees, it does not have to (or perhaps can charge a very small fee).  Ultimately, the pro hired by a customer directly already pays the cost of a lead, and this can account for any referral the pro can provide.  Such a tool can enhance the flexibility of a business and can allow pros to take on more business, and lead to an increase in the platform's revenue as well.  I am looking for potential referrals right now.  I certainly don't wish these pros to pay fees for my lead, as this would be a networking inquiry that has no guaranteed result as of this time.