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Re: Change back to the old format

I've been saying this for months! I didn't mind paying some $40 to submit 8 quotes.... and maybe get interest from 3-5 of them, and through personal messaging, closing 80-90% of them. But to get charged a random amount (the most recent today is $18+ for a 2 hour face paint gig) for 1 quote is ridiculous. Customer has responded with 'Sounds great.' which is one of TT standard response choices. Not even a personalized response. We'll see if they take the next step and send me party address, email, phone number, etc. so I can send them a contract. These quotes are not 'warm' quotes, either. They are not screened or anything. I had one customer respond with "sounds great. Unfortunately, I am working the whole day on that particular date (that they had entered as their party date)  so I can't do that." So I wrote back, so what is the date of your event? Customer: Oh, I don't have one, I just had to enter a date in order to make a request in order to get a quote..... Really?! I think if the customer responds back to us, we, the Pros, should be given their name, phone number, email and everything else pertinent to their job. Then we could really hound them and maybe get the project. This is crazy. I've been using this service for three (3) years and am so disappointed with it in the past 2-3 months. I haven't gotten any local leads for several weeks. I'm getting leads from the Austin, TX area and it's a 2 hour drive each way, for a two hour face paint/balloon twisting gig that they want to pay less than $100. Crazy!

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Let's talk about your profile

I miss being able to save custom quote responses.
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I want Thumbtack to stop changing things.  I had the system figured out and did well for a few years.  With all the recent changes, that I don't have time to catch up with, my leads have dried up.  The new instant match does not work at all.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Nothing about profile I just wish we could go back to open bidding where my quick response was responsible for 90% of my jobs thank you.
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Re: Change back to the old format

Instant Match does not fit my business model at all.  I need to be able to see the cutomer request and the cost of quoting i.e., the old way.  I have a part-time web site business and my services range from changing a phone number on a site, $50, to building a $1000 website.  I need to see what a person wants and what is the cost to quote.  The "old way" I was getting two requests an hour!!  And I was able to pursue the most desireable ones, at my own pace.

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Re: Change back to the old format

Any Opinion of Today's Changes? This Place USED to Rock. Just when you think it couldn't get Any Worse......Full of "Surprises" Aren't they. Very Sad. And Very Disapointing.     

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Re: Change back to the old format

The changes Thumbtack made killed me, I decided to see if it had done anything after all of us have been so affected, and a client replies when they can call, and they never come back, which now makes me pay $21, really? It is completely disastrous, and there arent any words after 11 months where things get worse
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Re: Change back to the old format

Responding as a consumer, not a contractor/pro at all....

In short... the new format is a total waste of my time.  

I used to like Thumbtack because it make it easy for me to find interested and qualified pros for my jobs.

And I have enjoyed finding several great pros on Thumbtack over the past several years.  

But the "shotgun" approach that Thumbtack takes now... well I just as well should try Yelp.  Or a local Google search.

Thumbtack... bring back the value for your users - both consumers and pros.


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Re: Change back to the old format

TOTALLY! I have never come on the community side of Thumbtack but I was so fed up with the changes I thought I would come see what is going on. They don’t listen to suggestions either though. I am in the dog training area and not even allowed to know what breed I am quoting on. Complained almost a year ago. Now this new thing where clients contact me?!?’ And it’s almost $10 bucks to answer but I don’t know enough details about the request so why take the risk? I feel badly for the customer. I am so close to ditching Thumbtack altogether!!
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Re: Change back to the old format

@CAK9 I wanted to let you know that I spoke with @Groomer81 about this same thing. Asking for the breed of dog would definitely be a useful addition to the questions that we ask customers. When a customer contacts you I'd continue to ask them what breed of dog they need help with, but I'll be forwarding on the suggestion in your name as well.