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Changes to TT

I have been using TT for a couple of year now and have often reguested changes for Travel Agents.  I would like to see the following:

1.  Clients should include travel location, dates, number of people; children and ages, etc.

2.TT should include the cost for the quote. I do not like the new pricing system becuase you end up spending your budget in 2 quotes.

3.  I recommend we do not pay until we are hired.  I don't know what's up with the resonses of "ok, what's Next" or "when are you available".  I feel that there are too many people to send a line and never respond to your response.  It is almost like a scam.

I only want to be charged when hired.  It seems like I am getting hired less and lossing money at the same time with this new system.  I have opted to turn off the automatic match switch as it is not working for me. Like many others, I like to know what the quote(s) cost because it helps determine if you want to waste your money and bid.  Change your ways or you will be loosing a whole lot of business customers.

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Re: Changes to TT

Hi @pamkilgoresmith, thanks for the post. This is really great feedback for what we ask customers when they are seeking a travel agent!

Is there anything else you would like to see us asking potential customers?

As far as pricing for quotes - we know it isn't working, and we are working on it. Thanks to amazing pros like yourself, who offer insightful feedback, we will get it right. 

If you have a couple of minutes - here is our CEO speaking to this and to what's in store!


Re: Changes to TT

I agree that people should include more about the location, budget, contact information and specifics about what event they are having.  For example, a birthday party is different from a Sweet 16.  I would quote differently. 

If someone has the optiion for anniversary, engagement. other... well what if you want to write a personalized message?   Can they write in a specific event?

Budget:  between $250-500 well then which is it?  Seems like they prefer the lower end. Oh, they say your price is too high!!! 

This needs to be changed to an exact amount of what they are willing to REALLY PAY

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Changes to TT

As a vegan caterer, again repeatedly asking TT to accommodate and add a category for people specifically asking for vegan caterers so I can filter only those emails.  TT has done nothing about it.  And now I am not even getting people to respond since TT things the more the better and each customer is now being bombarded with 15 quotes and probably overwhelmed on what to do, and gives up. 

If TT cannot make the changes to make their customers (US) happy, we all seriously need to take our business elsewhere.

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New Thumbtack

Does anyone on here have anything good to say about the new Thumbtack? Anything? 

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Re: New Thumbtack

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Re: New Thumbtack

Not really, 

  I could see why they changed, but after seeing it play out for months and seeing how it impacted other Pros, I am not surprised nothing has been done to address the issues raised.  Instamatch was "cool" for a brief moment until I realized its flaws of not being able to see how much I was paying and where the gigs were until it was too late.  I have been on Thumbtack for four years now, I owe a lot of my success to it, but their new model is not progressive.  I took myself off of Instamatch recently, and hope Thumbtack will return to the good ol' days.  I think the only good thing to come out of the New Thumbtack is that Pros are communicating on forums and I know they are not alone in their disust with TT.


Re: New Thumbtack

Best thing is that pros are communicating with each other and with TT in an open forum. Perhaps TT will be listening and trying to fix things
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Actually answering a question

Thumbtack has no real ROI.  The response rate from customers is very poor and therefore I am charged for everything and get paid for nothing.  At this point I am just about done with this service.  Between this and the vauge nature of the requests and poor response from the organization generally I have little use for this service.

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