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Charged? Not my service area

Does anyone else have a problem with getting charged for “exact matches” because of service areas? If I don’t mark a certain city in my info...that means I don’t service that area! Why is Thumbtack continuing to charge me for wrong leads?
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Re: Charged? Not my service area

@JL3 if you're getting charged for leads that aren't an exact match, we want to see what's going on. Please give our Customer Support team a call at 800-948-2034 and we can get you some answers! 

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Re: Charged? Not my service area

Honestly I don’t get why our location is blocked from them seeing within our profile. I keep being asked to pay for leads when their only question is “where are you based?” Which seems wrong to me. I shouldn’t have to pay $5 for each person to know what city I’m in.
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Re: Charged? Not my service area

I've had similar issues. I'd chat with customer service about that online to let them know. At the very least, you can give them feeback they can relay.

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