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Charging me for customers not TT provided

Twice now a current CUSTOMER of mine, has referred me, but somehow accidentally the new customer contacted me through thumbtack. In the “Message” ...the customer CLEARLY writes who referred me ( A current client...NOT TT!!) yet Thumbtack finds it justified to claim this as their lead for me that they provided and charge me… Again… Even though the new customer right in the message section, makes it CLEAR that somebody else (NOT TT) referred me! I had to fight tooth and nail today to get this second one refunded and I find it extremely insulting that I’m told they’re doing it as a “courtesy“! How can you claim something to be yours when it isn’t (even when it’s in writing) right there for you to read that you didn’t give it to me??? The first time this happened the customer service representative was understanding to the situation and immediately removed the charge. The one today....imho... was rather condescending And made it sound like I was lucky that this time they were going to do it!
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Re: Charging me for customers not TT provided

@Batkitty5961 because the customer reached out to you through the Thumbtack system, you were charged. Although the customer was referred to you by one of your past customers, she used Thumbtack to ultimately get in contact with you and you pay for that interaction. The reason why this was a courtesy refund was that this particular situation isn't part of our refund policy. Overall, I'm happy to hear that we were able to get you taken care of!

To refrain from this happening again, I would encourage your customers who are referring you to give your contact info to the referee as you will get charged once a customer reaches out to you through the Thumbtack system. 

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm always happy to clarify! 

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Hefty charge for a dead-lead

I'm a home-stager.  First of all I get 'leads' from 2-3+ hours drive away, which I won't travel more than 1 hour.  Also I get 'leads' for clients who want me to construct (for instance) a gazebo.  I'm a home-stager.  Period.  Two-three weeks ago I get a 'lead' from a gal who already has her home sold, but just curious about my fee... I tell her 'that's wonderful!' and I get charged.  I owe some $23.00 now, for responding.  WTH? I'm now looking into HOW I can close this account. Can't even figure that out.


Re: Hefty charge for a dead-lead

@pattyouellet you will see jobs in your Jobs tab that are up to 150 miles away. If you aren't interested in those jobs, go ahead and decline without being charged. We send you these jobs because although they aren't what you always want, we understand that there might be times when you're interested in those jobs. We like to give you as many opportunities as we can. 

Can you send me a private message with the name of the customer who was just curious about your fee? I want to look into that and see if it's something we can refund. We'd hate to see you go and I'm happy to help answer any questions you have. 

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Re: Hefty charge for a dead-lead

Since I can't seem to locate HOW to personally contact you Meckell, the name was ____, in Los Osos 

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Re: Hefty charge for a dead-lead

@pattyouellet to send someone a private message in the Community you'll just need to click on their picture, view profile, and then the direct message button. We try to do this whenever a customers name could be mentioned to keep things private. I'll be editing out their name in your post, but now that we have it I can look into the contact for you and send you a direct message once I have an update. 

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Dead End Leads

I simply am not able to NOT question the validity of some of these "leads".  Here's how it goes.  (1)  I get charged for a lead where the customer chose us after "viewing our profile".  (2)  I contact the customer (I mean why not, I have already been charged for the lead).  (3)  Crickets!!!

I hear nothing back from the customer after paying between $12 and $70 for the lead.  When I question the charge and the way things operate I'm told "Thumbtack gets paid to make the  introduction we don't guarantee you will get the job".  I understand this but shouldn't there be a guarantee that there is a living and breathing person on the other end of the line?  There's no phone number, no external email, all I can do is message through TT. 

Guess I'm not going to qualify as top pro again since I can't get "real" useful leads.  I'm about at the end of my rope with the whole Thumbtack experience...I'm sure I'm not the only one that can see the whole process declining...eventually there will be a shortage of caterers that can afford to keep paying for absolutely nothing.

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Re: Dead End Leads

TT says that they pay for introducions and make no guarantee that the lead becomes a job.

When I introduce a collegue to another collegue, it typically starts with them shaking hands and a few words passed back and forth between them.. not just a hello, and one of them simply turns and walks away... That would be absurd, wouldnt it?

So the only way for this model to be justified  (and I know its been said thousands of times already) is for TT to charge the pro only AFTER the lead has responded one time  to the pro's initial message.

Then, if the lead blocks the pro, as I hear is now a feature, the pro should be credited as there is now 0% chance the pro can get hired, and there is nothing the pro can do to get around that.