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Complaints....LET BE HONEST!!!

Hello every one!!

I'm sure we all have one thing in common: we are trying to grow a business into a success so we can get a bite of that American dream.  If your like me you're giving your business the "best you don't know how", and you are faced with new challenges every day but you figure  out how to over come them.  The unfortunate reality is not all of us will grow a successful business (this time) some of use will get a participation trophy and others will be on the podium.  


To quote the poet Dr. Dre  "whats the difference between me and you?"

The difference will be the ones who not only adapt to changes around them but find a way to thrive from them.   Do every thing you have control over to get jobs..... can't you control what TT is charging per quote?.. No but ultimately you control the outcome of the quote.  






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Re: Complaints....LET BE HONEST!!!

Thanks for starting this conversation @JSGDS. We love all the feedback Smiley Happy 

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Re: Complaints....LET BE HONEST!!!

Fact is, I can't afford Thumbtack. Even though I make a good profit on my catering jobs, Thumbtack is taking all my profits away with their false leads.

For the past month, I spent over $600 and the month before $980. That's a lot of money. Especially, when I only got one job.

I spend hours every day on the computer sending out bids. Each of my bids are personalized menus. I don't use Thumbtacks auto quotes because I don't have an auto quote. Everyone is different.

I'm not a restaurant with specific menus. I'm a customized caterer.

I started Thumbtack over a year ago. All my work came from here. So, I never looked elsewhere for jobs because I had more than I needed. Now, with the instant quote system, people are getting flooded with quotes. Not just 5 or 6, they sometimes receive 100s. Even though I'm a Top Pro, it doesn't matter.

With this new system, people are just trying to undercut one another because of the influx of bids. So, we pay 500 times more than we did a few months ago and we're getting fewer jobs.

I'm so upset. I wish I knew what other app I could go too. Does anyone know? 

I've financially depended on Thumbtacks leads, now, I don't know where else to go.

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Re: Complaints....LET BE HONEST!!!


That does sound frustrating, I have a couple of suggestions for you that helped us out.

1-Download the TT app so you can send responses immediately.  If your in a market with lots of competition make sure your one of the first bids a customer sees. We try to send a quote within 3-5 minutes.  If it has been more than 2 hrs since the request we usually pass on the request (it's likely they found another company all ready).

&2- your quotes don't need to be super detailed, unless the customer gives an accurate description of every thing required for job (99-100 times they don't and that's why there seeking a pros help).

 Try to send a quote that will get the customer to engage in conversation with you.  A message on TT is good, a phone call with the customer is really great, and if you can get a face to face it should be a sale.  Below is a couple of our successful quote templates.





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Re: Complaints....LET BE HONEST!!!


Maybe you can give me a few ideas. Not being rude to the TT reps, but I've been receiving many "beat around the bush" answers, and personally, they seem not to care.

I'm a DJ pro, been in business 29 years. I had alot of success prior to Promote, Sure, leads were expensive, but I was able to send quote and personable message. I was told by several reps to be personable in my profile. How does one be personable for many events, customer situations, etc in a short paragraph or two? If I was a customer, I don't want to read a book written profile. As a pro, I have different price settings for every event, even donate services for certain events. So what would you do? Just asking for ideas.

I turned off Promote a few weeks ago, because against my better judgement, I listened to a phone rep and tried it. I was then charged for 2 generic customer replies, leads that I would not have bid on. Tried getting refund for 2 weeks, but was told "it's not in our refund policy". So because I listened to a rep, I ended up paying for generic replies. If a customer sees 20 pros, they click on generic reply, and ALL 20 get charged. Why not charge the pro after we reply to a customer?

Since then, I've only seen 2 substantial leads for me, one I was able to send personable message with a quote, the other I was going to send a personable message, but saw other leads come in with the same person name for different cities. I didn't send that message.

Also been getting requests to DJ a wedding on a weekday early afternoon. Who gets married on a Thursday at 2pm? Not even part of a holiday weekend. I also receive many leads without phone numbers, I pass on those. If they were interested, wouldn't they leave some type of contact info?

I have the APP on my phone

With Promote off I can again see the customer profile before I send quote and control my own budget and see who is a good for me, not Thumbtack deciding that for me.

Any ideas will be welcome.