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Credit Refunds for Ghosted Clients?

Back in the old days-- before Instant Match and Promote-- Thumbtack had a policy that if a job poster did not view a pros' quote, the cost of that quote was refunded to the pro.  That pro could then use those refunded credits to bid on other jobs.  That seemed to take care of the ghosting phenomenon that we have today.

What happened to this system?  Is there a way to bring it back?

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Re: Credit Refunds for Ghosted Clients?

@Billieharasharp now that customers view and contact pros directly while also creating their job a later charge in this scenario would essentially be the second time the customer has responded to or interacted with the pro. As well I'll mention that in terms of when a pro quotes through the Jobs tab, they will only pay if the customer responds back. 

Overall I think this suggestion is certainly one worth looking into as an attempt to alleviate pro frustration around "ghosting". I'll be sure to share this with our developers. 

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