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Customer mistakes in service classifications

I'm looking for help.  I am getting inquiries and paying for leads that are not what I do. The problem is twofold - first, some TT service categories are too broad - handyman for instance.  Second, customers don't always select the most accurate/appropriate service category to begin with.  I do small welding repairs and in order to get maximum customer exposure, I am listed in multiple categories that are potentially relevant, handyman being one.  Because there are no subcategories relating to metal repairs or welding, I get lots of irrelevant leads.  I ignore them but sometimes the customer gives me an exclusive lead (meaning I pay for it) that is not related to what I do.  I recently modified my profile so the first sentence, in all caps, says TT charges me for leads, so make sure you (the customer) need metal welding repairs and are ready to get the work done.  

There are also times when customers don't read my profile thoroughly to see the specific things I don't work on (like auto bodies) and I get exclusive leads (that I pay for) for work I specifically excluded.

Any ideas what can be done to help me?  Any chances for refunds?


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Re: Customer mistakes in service classifications

@lmheim if your profession is specifically focused around metalwork and welding and you're receiving too many jobs outside of that, you may want to consider removing the additional service categories or at least pause targeting for all areas besides your metalwork category. Remember when you set your targeting preferences your telling us that those are jobs you ALWAYS want. This way you'll only get direct exact match leads for metalwork and all others will be ones that you can review before accepting. Note that pausing targeting for these other categories may cause a decrease in leads, but will hopefully at the same time improve accuracy. If you have specific leads in question feel free to request refunds through your Payments section, you can also contact us to discuss at 800-948-2034 (Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, MST). 

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Re: Customer mistakes in service classifications

I had already adjusted my targeting.  This is really a band-aid approach that Pros must undertake to make up for TT shortcomings that need to be addressed.  I have had phone conversations with some people at TT who said it is a "known issue" already that Handyman is too broad.  In order for me to squeeze into what TT says fits me means restricting opportunities that arise from customer lack of TT user expertise.  If that is the way it is, then it only seems fair that Pros shouldn't pay for inapproriate leads stemming from customer lack of TT user expertise, such as when they don't read a Pro's entire profile and then send them a job the Pro specifically excludes.  

I gotta say, I've only been part of TT for a couple months and TT has been around many years.  In my short time I see major flaws in the system and the business model which could all be fixed quite easily with tweaks.  How can this be?  I love the TT concept but have already grown weary of flaws in execution and complaining about them so much.

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Re: Customer mistakes in service classifications

Welcome to Thumbtack. I have been with TT since 2013 as a niche handyman. I have an email folder of leads that I did not respond to, or pay to bid on. The count on that folder is 60,000+... also have 400+ hires from around 2,000 sent bids.

"Known issue that they don't care about" would probably be closer to the truth. I gave up on suggesting improvements to filtering leads in the handyman category...years ago.  When you bang your head against a wall for a long time, it feels good when you stop.