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topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence
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Re: ?

Yes, They need to do a much better job at vetting these leads so that we aren't paying to ask a question that should have been asked before we quote. 

Re: ?

Sadly Gabriel if you answer that question. You will get charged. I have had customers who specifically state the day and time they need a photographer. I respond or sometimes don't even quote but I get a message that says ( and I quote) " When are you available?" ( exact words each time and I do not believe the customer has typed those but they now have a button to click on with available things to send to us with " when are you available?" being one choice. Why would a customer ask ME when I am available when their initial quote states exactly what time they NEED me to be available. The first time I got one of those I answered that naturally I was available on the date and time she needed me. I never heard from her again yet I was charged for answering. I no longer answer those Smiley Sad   I just did my income and expense report for this past year and TT made almost as much as I did in my area of work so debating in which direction to go including retiring early !! Smiley Sad 

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Re: Customer "Chose you"

I was told today that this customer chose me but it is slightly outside my normal job so they didn't charge me automatically. wth?!?!?!?  I am getting autocharged for someone decided they want a quote from me? Then when they were just wondering how much dog training in their home might be and the price is way beyone them I never hear from them again.  I am two seconds from dumping Thumbtack. All the changes in the past year are making this NOT worth it. Complainng, posting we don't like it, they are obviously making the money THEY want because they don't listen to us. They give lip service to listening but that is all.


Re: Customer "Chose you"

I am surprised with all of the complaining about this nobody at TT is taking it seriously. I have now been hearing comments outside of this platform from professionals who we have hired from TT in the past and they are also complaining and DO NOT even use this anymore. Yes, they will give you a nice kind reply but that's only because if everyone gets so upset and we leave TT or just decline all of the leads, they will eventually crash. I did NOT mind paying for TT when I started. I was charged around $5 for a photography quote, only the first 5 professionals COULD respond so you did have to be on the ball but if you were, there was a very good chance of getting the job. Now I am being charged roughly $17 for exactly the same lead but instantly customers are getting quotes from at least 15 people which gives TT a chance to get a LOT of money fast from a lot more professionals. THat's great but eventually this will NOT work for us ( for me it already hasn't) I told my husband this past week the STRESS of trying to decide if I should even engage in quoting is too much now. I feel like I am gambling my money away at a Casino and TT is acting like they are the Casino owners.. let's face it , in a Casino you can win occasionally but it isn't set up to LET you beat them !! Casino's always make the most !!  I am not a gambler so not sure I can pull the trigger anymore !! Smiley Sad 


Re: Customer "Chose you"

@CAK9 I'm happy to look into this and give you further clarification as to what's going on. Go ahead and send me a private message with the name of the customer and I'll get looking! 

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Re: Customer "Chose you"

With all of us complaining about this why the private messages we the community would like some answer too.
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Re: Customer "Chose you"

I agree.  I had to stop replying to these people 

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Re: Congratulations to our January 2019 class of Top Pros!

I had a question some of my quotes they said yes we'll go with you and then I never hear from them again so I can't seal the deal do I still get charged for that type of thing
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Re: Customer "Chose you"

Exact same thing is happening to me. Alot of "ghost" leads too.
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

Hi, I have similar issues to the other posters, the new lead system is not working as well for me as the previous system.

Additionally, and more annoyingly, is I am constantly getting leads for areas outside of my geographic location.  I'm an attorney and only admitted in New York.  I only take cases on Long Island and NYC, and I tried to put that in my settings.  I am constantly getting bombarded with leads from out of state, mostly NJ, CT, PA, but even DE and others, which are worthless to me.

Worse, when I have a lead now where someone "picks" me, and I click on Decline, I get several more messages in email and via notifcation that I haven't responded yet.  Very annoying and time-consuming, so if that can be fixed it would be great.