Customers never even speak to me, but I still pay!

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I am a photographer, and a friend of mine told me about TT. He was going to give it a try, so I figured, sure, I'll jump on also. I created my profile, and put in my CC for auto pay. Leads started popping up every few days! I thought it would be great! I was so wrong. Most customers ask for my availability for an event, portrait session, or family shoot, and I post the first message saying I am available. I ask about a location, any kind of themes, or any prefferences. And what do they say? NOTHING! They never interact with me! What am I paying for? The lead I paid for was for them to see the price! And to top it off, TT tells me they are increasing the price of the lead! If I get a lead, and I reply to interact with the customer, I should pay only if they engage me! I request a refund from TT and they sometimes respond saying it does not qualify, but they will give me a credit as an exception. The platform needs to be charging for genuine leads, not people price shopping! 


Consistency in the Refund Policy

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Why is it that I CAN get a refund for a job poster that says "no thanks" as their first reply but I CAN'T get a refund for a job poster that doesn't answer simple questions like "Can you tell me more about your project?" when THEY reached out to me for more info/ a quote.  I can't quote if I don't have all the info about the project!

How are you helping small businesses by charging them $28 for a complete garbage lead?