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Please lower your prices!

The way the lead structure is set up is very definitely not Pro-friendly, which ultimately means it's not Customer-friendly...which is Thumbtack's top priority. High prices keep us from accepting leads. Not accepting leads reduces the amount of Pros Customers connect with.

The leads we are paying for are outside of our preferences. Yes, we don't have to pay for them. We can decline them. We know that.

But how does it help the Customer or the Pro if we do that??!

You're asking prices that are really more suitable for leads that are going to turn into jobs for us.

The leads you're providing that say to 'look carefully at the job details, this is not a perfect match' cost us more than the ones we are promoting.

How does that make sense?

Can someone from Thumbtack, after they read this, please answer that question specifically? Thank you in advance for your specific reply.

We "Promote" and get 20% off. Discounts are great..but honestly, those discounts came AFTER a price increase. You actually increased some of the prices 100%+ and then offered a 20% discount. Ugh! How does that make it better?

Then we pay more for leads that aren't a match.

It just doesn't make sense and it's killing the Pros budget, not to mention the motivation to continue using Thumbtack.

I love my clients from Thumbtack, but I'm becoming increasingly more frustrated with your service, for sure.

How about just Promoting us because we are your Pros (and paying Partners) and then letting us choose what we pay for and what we don' a reasonable price.

You require payment in order to Promote us. Why?

Can you Promote us because you want us to be successful? And let us make decisions about what we pay for?

At the end of the day, your lead prices are outrageous for the level of seriousness of many Customers...even the "only picked you" among all the Pros. That still doesn't say anything about their level of commitment. Many aren't following back up with us. Even with great messaging and exceptional service.

So many thoughts about how this platform works...and so many frustrations.

This last thought: If you focus on taking excellent care of your Pros, you'll inevitably take care of your Customers. In fact, perhaps you could shift your perspective a little and think of your Pros AS your Customers.

Bait and Switch

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I recently had the good sense to check my billing with Thumbtack. Recently, I'd decided to promote my services, and I discovered that Thumbtack decided to make a policy where if you promote your services, it does not matter wheather a client responds or not- YOU WILL BE CHARGED. The way I discovered this policy is because a client's FIRST response was "I'm not interested." yet Thumbtack still charged me. I'm not certain if they're trying to create a situation for me to quit using this platform, or what. 

Anyone else running into this problem?


Re: Bait and Switch

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@Movers96 you're charged the first time a customer contacts you. That goes for if you're promoting your services or not. When you set your preferences by promoting and a customer reaches out to you from the list of pros, that's when you're charged. If you quote on a job through the Jobs tab, you're charged when the customer responds. Be sure to check out this video here with more info on when you're charged. 

Can you send me a private message with the name of the customer who said, "I'm not interested."? I want to take a look and see if it's a situation we can refund for.