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Declined "Leads" charged

Since yesterday I've been charged for "leads" that I've declined.

This is an absorb!!!! Almost $200 charged in my bank account for "leads" that not even fit into my schedule and that I declined right away!! If I hadn't seen my payment history, at the end of the day it would be a catastrophe in my bank account.

We do not know how much cost to answer a request anymore, every pro is being charged for the same request, Thumbtack allows third party to send quotes.

Also it says the lead is just for you, and when you look at the bottom at the request there's an information that 4 pros were contacted.

Imagine if the "lead" costs $49. It means thumbatck is getting almost $200 for a customer which is just exploring and playing with companies.

I want refund for all the quotes I declined!!! There's no sense in charging me for lead that I rejected!!!! What kind of company is this?????


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Moderator Kameron

Re: Declined "Leads" charged

When pros are using Promote and contacted the charge will be immediate. The option to decline the contact will be there for you even though its something you've already paid for in order for you to let us know why the contact wasn't a great fit for you and you'll be directed to adjusting your preferences in order to prevent further leads that don't quite match. I'm sorry to hear that this was not made more known upfront, however, we did our best to make this clear when Search Results and Promote came out by sending emails and having pop ups in the app to explain. I found that you were working with our chat team on this and that they provided you with the needed information in regards to a refund, however, if you have additional questions about this feel free to reach out to me in a direct message with any additional details.

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Re: Declined "Leads" charged


this is the problem with Promote, the preferences are not specific enough for each pro, nor can they be made to be. Each Pro has a varied profession, for me as an electrician, 'wiring installation' can include anything from a catv outlet to a Tesla charger, my quote would vary accordingly AND more importantly, whether I had time to do the job, or even wanted to do it.   I'm not driving 45 minutes to make $125 and give TT $20 of it. 

The preferences are not the problem, promote is the problem.


Classic example of the lack of preferences:

Job type: Switch and Outlet Installation

Work needed: Install switch or outlet

Number of switches or outlets: 1

Existing wiring in location? No, there is no existing wiring

Location of switches and outlets: Garage

Location of circuit breaker panel or fuse box: Basement

Materials Provided: I would like to discuss with the professional

Property type: House

Zip code: 01923

Phone number: Not available


There is absolutely no description of a scope of work whatsoever!!  This could be anything from a complete house remodel to replacing one faulty switch !!    There is no way I would be on Promote and get charged $10 for this project, it's inconceivable!!


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Re: Declined "Leads" charged


I totally agree with you!!

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Re: Declined "Leads" charged

Totally agree!!

Thumbtack thinks they are the only source of leads in the world and they are updating their system, spend energy in something that nobody's going to use, and to hold all of this together, they create tricks ways to charge us for crap leads and scams.

Customers can receive more than 6 quotes for each project, and these 6 pros are charged even though the customer not even reply once. Customers can change their project and the pros won't be refunded automatically.

E.g. We received a moving project and I replied because we were available that day, and then the customer answered the message asking for another date, which we wouldn't be available. Bummm $49.00 for thumbtack where we thought would be a good lead. I have many and many examples like this one. It's totally unfair!!!  

I've been on Thumbtack since 2015 and I haven't been so dissapointed with this company since then.

Moderator Meckell

Re: Declined "Leads" charged

@Luiz if the details of a customers request changes significantly, we definitely want to look into it and get you taken care of! When this happens, feel free to contact us or send me a private message with the name of the customer and we can get started. 

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Re: Declined "Leads" charged

I'm preparing a big list.

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Re: Declined "Leads" charged

Right there with you, I declined 3 jobs recently using promoted, thumbtack sent out the quotes. Reasons I declined? The first job was listed to be done 3 months in the future, 2nd and 3rd declines were because I will not subcontract from other pros, I'm 59 years old, been doing this for a good while. Longer then most and for many years at a high volume. I knew right away I wouldn't accept the lower pay rate with them as the middleman, they were simply Brokers on thumbtack who sub out all their work to real pros - no thanks!! I made Thumbtack aware of the situations they stated the charges were valid-sorry but again we're lacking ethics here
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Re: Let’s talk about how you rank in search results

I agree that things have slowed to a crawl for me, and I was much more successful as a Commercial Photographer in the past 3 years with TT. My question is, why am I charged for a “job” now, when in the past I would have declined it? 3 times in the last 2 weeks I have been “matched “ incorrectly. We should have ability to not respond and not be charged. Why, overall, did you see a need to make these huge changes? I still love TT, but Bark is gaining... slightly. Good luck all!
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I don't want to email back inqueries just to say no, and then be charged for it


I have been contacted by clients asking if I am available to paint a commissioned painting. That is great, but I don't want to email them back to tell them I can't right now due to ongoing projects. So it looks like I am just ghosting them and don't want to reply. But I do. But I don't want to be charged $20 to tell them I can't do it. If I don't reply that makes me look bad as well as Thumbtack. It looks like the people like me are just flaking on them and don't want to reply. Is there something that can be done about this? Maybe an option stating that I can't take on this project, or anything that wouldn't cost me money to say I can't do it?

I'm very disappointed at how Thumbtack has progressed into these unfair fee models you have. It really isn't fair to the people who are the core of your business. We do the work. I'm happy to pay for leads, but the current structure is just set up to get money from us unfairly.