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Re: Eliminating Ghosting:

@ReeseTee  This is a good idea. I am getting frustrated with the ghosting issue. It's only polite to at least let me know someone else was hired and not leave me dangling. I wonder if there is a way to create something that they can click on to tell us they chose someone else or close their job?

Re: Eliminating Ghosting:

I agree.  TT leads are getting way too expensive.

Although it will reduce traffic, I think too many people use TT as a way to price check a pro they want to use not even on the platform.  If customers wish to do this there should be an upfront fee all prospects are required to pay.  This will reduce the "lookie lous" and those that can't afford a professional and are trying to steal the service from a professional (low price).

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Re: Eliminating Ghosting:

I spent almost as much in leads for the month of July as I get in one job. Its almost at the point where it is not worth it. If I lower my budget then I dont get many leads at all. Way too much competition and leads are getting too expensive. 

Re: Eliminating Ghosting:

This is EXACTLY what I've been saying to Support for over 5 years. Untill the JP has 'skin in the game', we're going to be paying for 'ghosts'.

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Re: Eliminating Ghosting:

This is a great idea! After 1-2 days, I always follow up and they will respond stating they hired someone else or they're going to try the project themeselves. However,  I don't thinl they know (or care) that while they're "price checking"...we're paying top dollaar to communicate with them. Your idea wil slow down the price checkers and customers who aren't serious.

Solution to the Ghosting Problem

All customers who ghost us are banned for 30 days.

Additionally, when they are allowed to return, a notation will be included with each job they post that shows they have a ghosting history.

Second offense: 45 day ban.

Third offense: Permanent ban.

The most extreme and costly problem we deal with daily is ghosting. No issue has been vocalized more than this.

No solution for this persistent problem has been offered to us by Thumbtack

Time to get serious.