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Eliminating Ghosting:

Please forward to your overlords:

Make the Job Poster give a $1.00 deposit to participate in the Thumbtack system.

Once they indicate they have hired a Pro; the JP gets their dollar back.

If zero Pro's respond to the posted job, then after a reasonable period of time, say 3 or 4 days, the JP can log in, close out the posting and request (and of course receive back) the $1.00 deposit.

If the JP indicates that bids were received, but did not want to move forward for whatever reasons, the JP gets their $1.00 deposit back.

In all cases, the JP gets their $1.00 back.  You can politely explain that you are doing this in order to protect Pro's from scam artists and unethical competitors who are only posting jobs to see what competition is charging.  Anyone with 1/2 a brain will understand that.

After six years and almost 400 jobs, my TT income has dropped to almost zero. Please fix the situation.
Reese Turbin   May, 25, 2019

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Re: Eliminating Ghosting:


Great post and excellent ideas!!!

If a Job Poster is very interested, he/she won't mind paying $1 (and knowing that they will be refunded too). And the suggested explanation that TT give the Job Poster from the onset, is excellent as well. With all the scam artists out there nowadays, this is a no brainer, and a win-win for TT and Pros, and Job Posters as well

Thumbtack, I also agree with @ReeseTee , please pass these excellent suggestions on to the higher ups for implementation. The platform needs to be fixed and these suggestions are a no brainer to implement.

DJ Stevie 5-25-2019

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Re: Eliminating Ghosting:

This a great idea that will likely never happen.  


Re: Eliminating Ghosting:

Thanks for starting this conversation @ReeseTee. We do have a system set in place that does catch scam and suspicious activity. Of course, there are those rare instances that they do make it though, but we will always make sure the needed action is taken and pros are taken care of. As far as competitors seeing each others pricing, they can do that before a request is even initiated. This is certainly an interesting idea and one I'll pass along. In your opinion, would something like this make you feel that a customer is overall showing more intent toward hiring a pro?

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Re: Eliminating Ghosting:

Many Pro's feel that this would force the JP's to have a tiny bit of "Skin In The Game"

In Poker Tournaments, competitors must ante up, meaning place a starting bet before the cards are dealt. This practise eliminates a certain type of player.

Most Pro's want just a little bit of help from TT corporate in terms of filtering out unrealistic job postings.

We want to work. But the current system is impractical for most of us. Revenue is down, and customer acquisition costs are up. The Thumbtack system (I use a desktop computer only) is now more cumbersome than it was a few years ago. It takes me a lot of computer time at my desk, just to get one bid out.  Instead of just checking my email folder, I now have to dive into the JOBS-TAB and scrounge around.

This text box that I am typing in....has a stretch tool. But the text box I use to create my bids, does not, and because of that, it takes me longer to get my bids out.  It is important to screen a 1,490 character message for typos, and it is hard to do that when I can only see a few lines of text at a time.  For example, in your reply to me: Did you mean to say "make it though" or "make it through"?   I need for it to be easy for me to review and edit a lengthy bid before I hit the send button, and TT corporate refuses to give me this simple thing.

I do not know what is going on. I just know my revenue from jobs sourced through Thumbtack has dropped to almost nothing. I had just one TT-job from a paid contact in both April and May of this year ( two TT jobs, in two months, ...not enough for a small jobs handyman).

A couple of years ago, I would have predicted that I would be at 500 TT customers by May, 2019.  Instead, I am at 393, and it looks doubtful that I will hit 400 TT customers before 2020.  Please fix the system.

Reese Turbin, May 29, 2019

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Re: Eliminating Ghosting:


I understand about a system being in place to catch scam artists. But there are those Job Posters who just are "click happy" , as I call it, and we get charged if using Promote. If Job Poster has to read profiles first,( we spent time writing profiles) then click and pay $1.00 per click for conversation starter this shows Pros that these "customers" are more than interested in our services. After a Pro reaches out to them, then refund them the $1.00

It's a win-win all across the board.

System has to be fixed

DJ Stevie 5-29-2019

Re: Eliminating Ghosting:


Yes, it would show some tangible evidence that the potential customer is somewhat serious. Removing "click happy" options altogether would inspire us Pros, the actual customer, to believe TT is serious about meeting our needs. Secondly, I suggest a $5 deposit instead of $1.

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Re: Eliminating Ghosting:


I think that what @ReeseTee mentioned about the $1 system was a suggestion. I know that I agreed with the $1 suggestion, but the $5 system sounds good too. Perhaps Thumbtack can look into either of these suggestions and help show the Pros that Thumbtack is trying to take care of ghosting issues? Mind you, it may not eliminate all ghosting, but it's a start.

If there are other plans in the works, maybe Thumbtack cannot share for whatever reason, but is there a way to share with us when any such plans to try and eliminate ghosting will take effect?

DJ Stevie 6-18-2019

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The Customer is NOT always right

I have been with Thumbtack since it started and I wouldn't be were I am with out Thumbtack.  With that said the pricing has spiked and is honestly outrageous.  I find myself only replying to jobs I am confident in getting.  Here is what is even more frustrating though..the CUSTOMERS!  We as pros have reviews witch help us get business.  Its time the customers have profiles.  Too many times am i replying to requests with NO response.  That is $25 out of my pocket when replying to someone requesting to hear from me.  I think Thumbtack should look into having the customers set up accounts where WE as pros can write reviews for them.  Where we can check off "not responsive" or "very responsive!".  As a pro I would be more likely to send a quote or reply to an offer if the customer had a rating that they are responsive and actually activity looking for a specific service.  The customers need to be educated.  When they send 10 requests and 10 pros contact them but they decide not respond that costs US money and that is not fair.  Thumbtack needs to do a better job of letting the customer know how not responding affects us or how just casually looking for jobs with no real intentions of hiring affects us.  If the customer had to pay per email I bet there search would be more serious.  



Re: The Customer is NOT always right

This is the most effective solution to the problem I have seen here. WOW!