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Ever been Blackmailed by a customer?

Have any of you ever been blackmailed by a customer/client? We’re a small events business and came to Thumbtack after 7 years of being in business. Been on Thumbtack a year, and now TWICE we’ve been threatened with bad reviews if we didn’t cave to client demands. We require a contract and nonrefundable deposit/retention fee for every event, and clients are supposed to pay balance by event day.

We had a client ask during the event for us to pickup more items to be served at the party, and to add it to her bill. She later argued that if we didn’t eat the cost of her “overage”, she’d make sure to rag us on Thumbtack and the internet. We booked 2 other parties from guest who were in attendance, but she gave us our lowest rating ever. 

Recently, we had a client who found us thru Thumbtack, then canceled her party, later reached out, loved our ideas, insisted on immediately securing our service, and contracted and deposited with us. After waiting 3 business days, I ordered the additional line on our insurance for her event, secured multiple staff members and blocked our calendar (thus turning down other customers) for her date. She later cancels, and threatens to give us bad reviews on social media if we don’t return her nonrefundable deposit. She furthers her threats until it is undeniably blackmail. Counsel advised that we don’t waive policy for her since she has made threats, that this type of customer will continue to “bark” and even “bite”. 

Have you experienced this before? I wish there were a policy on Thumbtack against this. Or even a way to review, report and warn other contractors about this kinda of customer. 

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Re: Ever been Blackmailed by a customer?

I'm sorry to hear about this@TravelingTender. We definitely want to learn more about the situation to see what we can do to help. Please give our customer support team a call at 800-948-2034. 

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