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Expanding payment methods

Hi guys,
Is it possible to add payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay to the list?

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Re: Expanding payment methods

@GermanTutorRB I can see how this could be beneficial for pros! Thanks for your suggestion, we'll be sure to send this feedback to our Product Team. 

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Payments For Leads

Can I Use My Chime Cards For A Credit Card Or Do I Gotta Use A Bank Card.
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Re: Payments For Leads

@Cedric you should be just fine to use that credit card! Follow these steps here with more info on how to get that added to your account. 

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Payment options

This is more of a courtesy for other Pro's.  If it was announced, I definitely missed it.  And the feedback I'm getting in the private Facebook group... so did some other Pro's.
So.... Thumbtack has increased the number of accepted types of payment that you can list on your TT Profile:  Here is a screen capture. 


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How do my customers payme

how do customers pay me?

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Re: How do my customers payme

However you want them to. I accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash, check, square, Zelle. You choose how you get paid. Make sure you state it up front.