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False leads

I am really getting tired of getting contacted by people and them asking my availability and that is is it i can not afford to keep spending empty money on here for no return. I like Thumbtack but this new pricing is for the birds.

People that are putting jobs on Thumtack either need to be told that every time they contact people it costs us money or you can not charge us for jobs never booked. Last week alone i was contacted 12 times and out of that got one job. Three people hired me and two cancled hours before the job. Not only am i out money but i now have wasted time.

Reading on here i am not alone thinking this is not ok.
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Re: False leads

@NabilAmara I'm sorry for your frustration. I am a long time Thumbtack pro myself and I also get frustrated when I don't hear back from customers after initial contact. And as a fellow business owner, I understand how valuable and scarce your time is.

It's amazing that you were contacted by 12 potential customers - were able to send a follow up message to each of those? They may not have turned in to a hire yet - but they may still be contemplating the job - may revisit it in the future - and now they have access to your profile and info. I always send a follow up one week later just to put myself back on the customer's mind - maybe you can try that?

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, or would like me to look in to your profile for you to see if I can help, please feel free to direct message me.

Best of luck!


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Re: False leads

I am not complaining about not getting the jobs, i am frustrated with the amout of money Thumbtack is making off me for leads that go nowhere. It is hard to feel like i am not getting screwwed out of money when thumbtake gets paid no matter what and i get left with nothing.

Thumbtack needs make this fair for all parties not just Thumbtack. This is supose to be a family type organization correct?? We get paid on our performance, so should you!!!!
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Re: False leads

Totally agree many are just looking to see the cost of our services. So they can plan accordingly. We spend they look they compare with other professionals then their gone. It's a win lose situation but that's how Thumbtack gets paid.

Re: False leads

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Re: False leads

I totally agree, I just had three in a row hit me up for the day.
WTH we want Christmas for our family to you know!
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Re: False leads

I feel the exact same way. Weget charged as soon as they contact us ask us questions or advice, then I never here from them again. I figure, I'll contact them on Thumbtack. And never get a reply but am still charged. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: False leads

Thumbtack has totally gone off the rails. When they switched to the "Promote Your Business"...........I instantly knew I was in trouble. I blew through $800 on dead leads. I mean D  E  A  D.......I became a PRO, over 50+ reviews, 4.7 rating and worked up to 7+ employees.

Thumbtack was a GREAT source of leads. With me what happened is simple. They STRIPPED MY ABILITY to pre-screen the leads. They SWEAR that we get 20% off leads.......but the prices that are charging ARE NOT sustainable.

I have 3 friends, all PROs on TT. We have all PAUSED. I am not buying leads. TT can not be able to get our $$$$$ and not deliver REAL customers. TT can not allow to get my $$$$$ without giving me a chance to pre-screeen the customers.

Not sure what TT was thinking. Please "google" and spend time researching TT in recent months. They are running off the very PROs that built there business. I do not beleive for a second that contractors are having great success with new changes. I never EVER spent $800 and did not sell a single job. 

What is sad and who I FEEL VERY SAD for is all the new conctractors what are going to sign up (keep in mind ZERO reviews) and they are all going to spend $$$$ and get creamed, but $$$$$ will certainly take the $$$$$. 

Thumbtack, why are you doing this to your loyal PROs that are begging and pleading with you to stop the madness and treat us FAIRLY? Do you think this is sustainable. I can personally account for a total of 5 PROs you lost.....that is REVENUE you have lost. 

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Re: False leads

I feel your pain... what I've found is there is no recourse or way of recovering funds from b.s. leads.

Several times (and it's seems a little ironic) I have received and been charged for leads contacting me asking "when is a good time to call you"... I respond with "right now is perfect, or at your earliest convenience.", then I never hear from them again... but still pay $30. =/-

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Re: False leads

I agreee. I have been geting this far to often. If the consumer wants prcing they need google. I have tryed to get moneys back for bad lesd with no answer but when its in tt favor they respond with minuets. I think they are leaning more twards the whay home advisor makes ther money off of the pros