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Re: False leads

We've finally learned to run, not walk, to the nearest exit when the phrase "What is your availability?" comes up.  Especially because we are an accounting firm offering an ongoing service.  We just had one such that bailed out on a scheduled conference call and seems to have disappeared from the Thumbtack system after going back and forth with us all weekend.

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Re: False leads

Ring the Bell!

Chalk up one more false lead!!

Gave a quote for a tax return prep, even met with the guy. Then today after we have already set up a time to meet:

"I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else. I easily get confused at my age I found help from (edited). Near my house "

My address is listed in my profile. He knew where I was in relation to his house.

Now I have no problem if he uses someone closer to his house, that is his decision. I hate, HATE, HATE paying $20 to do so.

This guy totally flaked out on me. Nothing about me losing this job was my fault. 

Thus far I have 15 contacts that I have paid for and 12 are false leads like this guy.




Re: False leads

I'll tell you what really gets me is the fact that I provide a detailed description of services and deliverables when responding to job requests - including links to my website ( where they can view more detailed information concerning my expertise as well as examples of my past work (i.e., videos, slideshows, etc.) but in most cases no one bothers to utilize the links provided to view the content (obviously, I can track this via Google Analytics); so I have to ask, are these the actions (or rather lack of inaction) of individuals who are actually looking to acquire the services that they have requested or the actions of individuals whom are just phishing for pricing (or are just curious about the platform with NO intention of paying). 

Frankly, after almost 4 years of having to deal with this lack of inaction, I am inclined to believe the latter and I am getting rather tired of it. Poor ROI and an unresponsive accountability from TT only leads to one result - this platform is only interested in its own bottom line (I am also getting tired of you referring to yourselfs as a startup when you have been at this for more than 10 years - so yes, we can consider you as beyond that of a "startup" by now) rather than to the needs of those who actually pay for it, and it is time to move on...

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False Leads not Appearing in Google Analytics


You are absolutely correct.  We provide our website URL in all quotes but none of these false leads ever shows up in Google Analytics.

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Re: False leads

I agree.
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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

I agree with this. It seem as there are fake account to scam u out money for no reason. I believe thum tack has someone calling or send pictures to u so they can collect funds

Re: False leads

This is exactly what I came into the forum to see about and i’m glad i’m not alone.
Exact issue i’m having. I have a lot of expertise in my field, I have high quality photos and graphics, am good at customer contact and sales and I have not booked ONE job out of the 10-15 i’ve been charged for the last month since I started using Thumbtack again after a haiatus.
I guess that does it for me.
Back off Thumbtack.
I hope the powers that be read these.
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Re: False leads

It's amazing how many "leads" ask "When are you available?" and then completely disappear.  We always give out our website URL, yet none of these phantoms ever show up on our Google Analytics.  It's also remarkable how we will get several inquiries for accounting services from a small community representing 1% of the population in our area in a week, none of them responding beyond "When are you available?"

Re: False leads

I get that all the time too. “When is your next availability?”
For what? I can’t answer that question.

Re: False leads

Yup, I mention that as feedback to thumbtack a while ago.. the thing is that it is FREE for any body looking for a service to just hop on and create a request.,, and not take us pro seriously and disappear leaving us with the BILL!