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Re: No more leads after turning off promotion due to false leads

I feel you. Thumbtack needs to review whatever changes they made.
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Re: False leads

I personnaly do not UNDERSTAND why TT is not on the phone calling the PROs that are not only voicy their hate and disgust for the new system.

I personally do not UNDERSTAND why TT is turning away their LOYAL and DEDICATED  PROs.......NEVER NEVER EVER did I spend $600 dollars, yet not make a single sell. NEVER

TT.....your new system is not working. You have taken my ability away to screen the leads. Your insisting on getting the $$$$$ but you are failing your PROs. We are telling you all the problems, yet you refuse to make changes. If pros like us can not make it work, how are you going to keep the $$$$$ coming in.

I tried the new system. The leads were horrible. I had to practically beg to get a refund on 4 of the leads. The same problems still exist. How are telling me as a PRO I am getting 20% OFF to sign up but CAN NOT disclose the prices up front. This seams very unfair. do you expect me to just give you $$$$$ and not close jobs. BEFORE YOUR CHANGES I was happy. I got leads, I screened the leads, and MY SETTINGS worked. Now, I still have settting in place but I can not convert the leads Im charged for UPFRONT. 

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Re: False leads

This should be under the subject of "Bring Back The Old System" I'm experiencing the same thing @NabilAmara . 

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Re: False leads

Not sure if they are false leads, but I too, am getting leads that I pay out and customers do not follow up on my response.