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Re: Fees

@VideoTerry Preach on! They think keeping us in the dark will make us eventually drink the Kool Aid too. It's just forcing us to look elsewhere for leads. I have been booked on TT over 930 times with over 300 5 star reviews on my profile. If I was TT, I would pay attention to a Pro like myself. It is obvious that I know how to make the system work for me and I spent lots of money with TT doing it. Now, they don't even want to speak with top pros on the phone. Bad Business!

I now send quotes VERY  selectively. Having a bunch of dissatisfied, jaded, aprehensive, cautious, frugal pros is not the way for TT to grow financially. I used to make it rain with Thumbtack's old bidding system. Now I appraoch every request with a magnifying glass and a fist full of anxiety medication. 

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Re: Fees

"I now send quotes VERY  selectively. Having a bunch of dissatisfied, jaded, aprehensive, cautious, frugal pros is not the way for TT to grow financially. I used to make it rain with Thumbtack's old bidding system. Now I appraoch every request with a magnifying glass"

If that was their intent, to make the pros rear end pucker up, then they have succeeded.  I havent seen a single pro comment with their satisfaction except for the way it use to work.

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Re: Instant Match will be removed as a violation of Terms of Service???

Hey. Read your post and you are ABSOLUTELY 100% RIGHT with everything you're saying. TT sends out fake leads. The ones that hit "Sounds good, what's next?" Or any of the other templates and NEVER respond back are in fact "computer generated leads" No REAL CUSTOMER would go through the trouble of making a request, then reaching out to a pro and then NEVER leave their contact info or even reply back.
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Enough with the "fake lead" trash! Take action or put it to rest! Here's the deal...

I don't beleive for a minute that they would risk an enormously profitable $1.3 billion dollar company by fraudulently producing their own scam leads. They are massively profitable with real people placing the requests. A blatant scam like that could shut them down.

Frankly, I don't understand why any "pro" would accuse that and still be here. If I thought I was paying for a scam, I'd stop and walk away. So, I'm not sure of the intent here of people screaming about fake leads. I one really believed that, they'd be gone, and very likely filing a fraud report with authorites or starting a lawsuit to recoup the fees paid. If they're still here, then it's just hypocritcal rabble-rousing, and there's no point to it.

They aren't fake leads, they are, what's known in sales, as "unqualified leads". Because its free to use TT, people who aren't serious, have no barrier to entry. If they want to find out, out of curiostiy, how much it costs to build a spa for a frog, and hire a photographer to take pictures of that frog in the spa, then they're going to come here and get a few quotes. When they find out that hiring a professional would actually mean taking real money out of their pocket, they walk away.

Because TT's photography category comes up as the first listing in Google, it gets massive exposure - as I'm sure it does in every other category. What infuriates me is that "TT affordable photographers" is how it is presented. So, even though someone willing to spend bigger $, would actually spend it, because that's the first listing they see, they go there and expect cheap prices, driving all us pros to reduce our rates by 50-75% to compete and meet customer expectations. Back to topic, with this kind of exposure, TT has absolutely no need to create fake accounts.

It is absolute fact, as I have kept track according to my own records and those that TT provides for us, that 95% of the people that submit a request, never hire anyone. Why...?

- There's no barrier to entrance (paying a $5 fee that would be refunded by the pro upon hiring, would immediately remedy this issue for the pros. However, it would also cut massively into the amount of non-serious requests, which would be a massive cut in profits for TT, so it will not happen. No barrier to entrance, nor pre-qualifying system will ever be put into place by TT.)

- People who are lured in by "affordable", "discount", etc. prices are going to be less serious that someone who is not a cheap bargain hunter. When a person's 1st thought is price, all you can sell them on is price, and they want the lowest one, even if it means submitting 3 or 4 times for the same project, in their search to find the cheapest price out there.

- Cheap people don't want to part with their money. So even though they think they want to do the project, the moment they hear the price and realize they actually have to take that money out of their pocket, it's game over for the pro.

- People don't realize the price of things and are too embarrassed to respond when they can't afford it or don't want to spend the money.

- Since many people put in the request from the pondering "I wonder what it would cost to....", they were just curious, not serious, and they're not going to waste their time following up with something they aren't interested in.

- Some people are somewhat serious, but just get busy and don't make thier project a priority.

- Most people procrastinate and don't follow through with things

- We went through a major period where TT was not working properly and many, many people were apologizing to me because they couldn't get back into their TT accounts, and finally did after weeks or months, and so were finally responding.

- Life gets in the way and they never get around to it.

- Spam filters trap a lot of TT mail on people's computers because TT sends out a massive amount of email and spam to them. This overabundance from one source is a typical trigger for spam filters. Think about it... they get emails from TT after they submit, then follow ups, then prompts to review every pro they were in contact with, then reminders... and that's all on top of the 15 emails they get from the pros, and then the more on-the-ball pros who actually know how to work a lead and try to convert it, and will send followups if their quote was not viewed, and followups once it is viewed, and then a touching base follow up here and there. So you're looking at 25-35 emails from one source in a very short period of time. That constitutes spam in the eyes of the filters, so mostly we're talking to the wall because the customer never sees our messages.

- Because of the above, I do know for absolute fact, that this triggers Verizon customers. But what happens there is enormously upsetting... when a Verizon client's system is triggered for spam, it not only filters out anything coming from TT as spam in that person's account, it actually triggers it as spam directly on the Verizon servers so EVERY Verizon client that receives email from TT is also blocked from receiving email from TT. So even without a trigger, if Sally Johnson reports a TT email as spam, and she's a Verizon customer, all your other clients who happen to be Verizon customers, will also not receive your TT messages!!!! I got this straight from Verizon.

- They didn't like the quote and they're simply too lazy to bother to respond back.

- They don't respect the time it took us to personally respond, so they just blow it off if they don't like it.

- Here's a huge one!!! If you're on IM and not bothering to take the time to personally submit a bid and attempt to interact with the client, why would you even have the right to be upset if they sent you an auto-reply??? You didn't put the time and personal care and attention into reading their request details to know exactly what they need, and then submit a heartfelt, personal response, so how can you possibly be upset that people are treating you the same way? 

There are countless other reasons why people ghost a pro, but I am personally positive that TT is not fraudulently generating their own leads. Anyone seriously believing that would be taking legal action. It's time people stop the riduculous rantings about it. If one seriously believes it, they'd be gone. If you believe it yet still choose to do business with TT, then  you've made your decision to calculate them in as pilferage in your costs of doing business, determining it's still worth the price of admission. So, enough is enough, please!

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Re: Fees

Hi, Denise! I've been away for awhile...but upon my return, I read your reply to my note from a few months back, and it made me chuckle again! :-) For me, the best anxiety medication I know is brown liquor! Pick your choice...mine is small batch premium bourbon. I have a couple 'a hits and I could care less about Thumbtack. 

My Summer was nicely busy and the Fall is equally strong. I do high-school football for Fox Sports, so that a nice every week bump to the bank account! And NONE of this (increased) business is coming from TT. 

The holidays are coming! Enjoy every. last. one. of. them!


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Re: Fees

@VideoTerry Great to have you back, Terry! Now you can give your input on the wonderful new PROMOTE program that thumbtack is peddling. This is not going to work for me either. It's worse than Pro Assist and Instant Match. 

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Re: Fees

I can't use promote becuase TT refuses to abide by my settings and sends me leads outside of my parameters. 75% of requests go into the trash. I'm not about to start paying for that trash with promote!!! I've heard a whole bunch of different excuses about it, and nothing is fixed. Now, with the new search results, I don't show up at all, except for studio sessions! Again, a bunch of nonsense answers like, "you need to be on promote to show up" - but I'm NOT on promote and I show up for studio sessions! And others who aren't on promote show up there too! Nobody can figure it out !

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Re: Fees

I am even more confused now. What is "Promote"????? I havent gotten any notices about something new. Could someone explain it to me????

Seems to me like instead of improving things, TT is going in a total other direction. Finding work should not be this confusing or cost so much.

Moderator Kameron

Re: Fees

@missannienow I see that you just recently got a house cleaning job come through your Jobs page that is in your area. You can log in and view it HERE. I'm sorry to hear that you may not have seen details about the updates just yet. We did our best to notify all pros about the new changes with pro wide emails and a screen takeover at login. Instant Match has now evolved into Promote, and it will be very similar but with some subtle differences. You can learn more about Promote and how it works HERE.

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Re: Fees

Hi Kameron,

I already checked that one out and it did not suit me, plus the fee to apply is too high. But I do thank you for telling me.

Maybe you can help me. I am STILL getting Requests from areas that are not at ALL close to Vero Beach. I get Requests for perhaps a 100 mile radius, which is crazy. I have gone through settings, etc., and tried to figure this ouot, without success. I would guess I have missed MANY local Requests, but do not know how to fix the problem.

I signed up with HomeGuide. I have a strong suspicion that they are somehow part of TT. Why? Because their pages are EXACTLY LIKE THE OLD TT.  I bought credits and applied for one job. The customer viewed my quote but has not called yet. Am I right??? I vastly prefer THAT system, buying credits and using them to apply for jobs, and I am able to include a personalized message, unlike TT now.

Give me a hand, if you can.


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