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I’m a travel agent and have been trying to find the motivation to stay with TT when just in this week every quote is running me $22! I get someone who wants a cheap airline ticket , etc etc and I make no money on that - I’m spending so much for no where leads -

I have no idea at all how TT has gathered that this pricing is fair and a better system

Here is something That would help , in my opinion

Instant match - why can’t those customers see our “ quote template “ - that way I can say something about what I will or won’t do —-

Why should I have to pay when I have someone who has no intention of actually working with anyone ?!!!

I feel like TT is out for $$$ and if they reduced fees they would actually have a much better pro community . And - after all - aren’t they always wanting more pros ?!
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Paid 300.00 for leads for nothing. Suggestions

I have paid 300.00 in fees for leads the last two days for nothing. Leads cancel or just stop communication. The app keeps claiming issues and crashing. Am I the only person experiencing this.
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Re: Paid 300.00 for leads for nothing. Suggestions

@TravisG Let's see what's going on with your app. Go through these troubleshooting steps here, they usually fix whatever's going on. If you're still seeing issues after doing that, please let me know! 

I want you to be successful on Thumbtack, I know it's frustrating when customers stop communicating. Let's work together, dig through your account, and see if there's anything I can help with. If this is something you'd be interested in, just send me a private message. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Paid 300.00 for leads for nothing. Suggestions

I have been doing everything you suggested. Not only has the app been going down most of the communications have either canceled or just stopped responding. It’s as though the conversations were only initiated to allow Thumbtack to charge my account instead of actual customers looking for work to be performed. This has been a waste of 300.00 as well as a waste of time and effort.
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Re: Paid 300.00 for leads for nothing. Suggestions

We had some issues a few months back on not seeing requests but since i called every thing is working great.  Sometimes the mobile app will run slow so we started having new requests and reply notifications sent as a text as well.  

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waste of a cheap customer

One of the biggest issues i have...i come accross several customers who are just looking for a cheap quote, thumbtack bills that card as soonas the customer says “hi”.

Regardless of the outcome, what sucks for me im out $50-100 easy and no job will
come, while the customers keeps looking for the lowest (almost free) and he’ll find it , because some new businesses dont know any better.

Thumbtack oughta make profiles on customers by asking them their expected budget, and with that info, select the contractor to whom that lead is good for. Rather than random contractors burning $, which thumbtack is ok with ofcourse.
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Re: waste of a cheap customer

That's a good idea.  It would be nice to know their budgets.

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Re: waste of a cheap customer

Hello , what I'd recommend is what I do . I never have or never will give a price online . I have a HVAC and plumbing business. I let them know what a trip and Dio fee will be for repairs. If there looking for replacement I let them know it's free estimate. It doesn't say what you do . But I believe it's key to get in front of the customer. Show them that you are the best ,you will provide the best products, service and you will go out of your way to give them the very best job . You have to make them see price doesn't matter. And no I don't win every job . But I get a lot of them . Also REVIEWS! When you win the job and are all done ask them if there happy with what you did? And is there any reason they wouldn't give you a 5 star review? Because if there is please how could I fix that?? And then ask them to review you. Customers read every one of those reviews.
I hope this helps you grow and do well!! Jim Bauer
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$23 for a $75 quote?

Since when is it valid to charge $23 for a quote of $75 for home cleaning services? A home under 1000sq ft one bedroom and one bathroom! This customer also contacted the other pro, did you charge them $23 also? Thumbtack lists the average cost per quote to be $5, that’s reasonable. I want to know in what world $23 is a fair price for a lead....oh and this whole generated “sounds great what’s next” crap you’re sending and charging pros for, that’s a scam. It’s a backdoor way for you to charge us before a customer accepts a quote. Pro’s profiles don’t list enough details on their services or pricing for a customer to be legitimately interested. You’re skipping a step and charging us to quote. 

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Re: $23 for a $75 quote?

That is precisely what I have been saying for many months now. I am darn tired of responses (from Mods) saying silly things like "Private message me the names of the customers you were charged for" - that sort of answer is utter garbage. Most of us simply do not have the time to figures all of that out, and we shouldnt have been charged in the first place!!!

I no longher bother tosend quotes for one time house cleanings (like move outs). TT wants to charge me about $30 for this and I would only make about $75, maybe $80 for the entire job. NOT worth the time or effort.

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