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Fixed Rates vs Hourly Rates

Hi, are we working on a way to switch between hourly and fixed rate projects for the categories? We have to work harder on the backend to explain to clients our pricing process when they assume our rates are hourly vs fixed rate projects, based on what is shown in the search results listings. Some of our services are not hourly rate, so that can be misleading when the assumption is hourly rate. Please let us know if there is going to be a choice between these kinds of rates down the road. It would be nice to set the expecations in the forefront. Thank you. - Elias

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Re: Fixed Rates vs Hourly Rates

@eliascurtis, I have been asking about this for months to no avail.  My services are delivered in flat fee packages with no hourly rates.  I recently had a quote refunded on the basis that you mentioned below - the lead thought that my hourly rate (that we're forced to enter) was the price for the entire set of work.  It's very confusing to the customer and in my case, it's 100% inaccurate.

It's so frustrating and doesn't align with my fee structure at all.  I wish it was like it used to be before, where we had a choice and then all service providers would be covered in terms of how they prefer to present their pricing.  We're all forced into this pricing structure even though it doesn't apply to a fair share of us.

I honestly feel like this is another backward step for us Pros. Smiley Sad