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Re: Good news about pricing!

It’s impossible to see any rhyme or reason for how pricing is set. It varies a lot more than it did in the recent past.  Some jobs that would justify higher prices are priced very low, and some jobs that justify lower prices are priced very high.    In addition to all that, information that was important to pros has been removed. We can no longer see how many pros are bidding on a job, nor can we see the log of replies from pros to potential customers. I feel like I’m shooting in the dark now and that’s not a good feeling at all.   Whomever has been making these changes to pricing and information doesn’t seem to know what the heck  s/he is doing, and this kind of instability, and what feels like chaos, is not helpful at all!

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Re: Good news about pricing!

That's a major improvement. I like transparency. But... I won't ever sign up for an instant match that charges $26 for contact. (Cause a lot of the contact is crap, and not valuable. Especially because you don't offer an email address or phone number.) I would sign up for an instant match that only charges me $26 when I book.

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Re: Good news about pricing!

"we heard a lot of pros saying that they wanted to see prices before they send quotes, since that helps them make better decisions for their business."


Shouldn't that have bveen covered in economics 101? Did none of your programers go to collage? I mean really, who buy's something without knowing how much it'll cost before hand?

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Re: Good news about pricing!

This is not good news.  I have found some great clients here, but I am frustrated over the fact that potential clients do NOT have to put any information as to the specifics of their request. What good does it do me to throw out quotes if I don't actually know what they are looking for?  Brochure/flyer?  There's SO MUCH variance in that little space, yet that's all they have to put.  And then they can respond with "Sounds good. What's next" and you reply and they ghost you--but YOU still collect money.

And if you should ever point out this stupidity to customer service, you're treated like an idiot.  God forbid I should fight for my $17 charge that led to nothing.

PS: WHAT THE HECK is up with the new "view the competion" "feature"?  It sucks.  I have NO idea what anyone else is charging, when quotes were viewed, if they responded to certain quotes.

I am getting frusrated with what used to be an easy to use service.

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Re: Good news about pricing!

Jason -

I am sure you have been reading the 1,700+ responses to “let’s talk about pricing”. It seems a overwhelming amount of pros feel the same. Same concerns that were talked about when us Top pros met you and Marco here in LA three months ago. Its been very reassuring to know that I am not the only one here who has lost a significant amount of business. No matter how much your team tried telling us how great this new system is ..... well ..... apparently it’s not for a lot of us. I can’t imagine the response if everyone saw the email sent out to respond to the question proposed. If I simply took took 1000 of those responses at an average of $80 a month that have been paying TT - $80,000 a month loss for Thimntack - that is a very low end guess of revenue that TT is losing monthly. Its probably triple that. However, profit must be made somewhere with this new plan. Maybe TT is relying on new pros signing up - because many of us pros and top pros have stepped back from the triple cost, increase in competition and hidden information. I seriously hope changes are made soon. I knew what I commented on at the top pro Los Angeles gathering was on point. And seeing all these responses confirms it. I’ve been in business over 25 years and my experience and wisdom I shall never doubt again. Looking forward to a change soon so I can love your site again and start referring people to it again. We were once a good team - it can be that way again. For now - the cost of Thumbtack is not a platform that is profitable or make good business sense to use.
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Re: Good news about pricing!

We've always found it odd that we are charged if someone replies versus if we are hired for a job. We want prospective clients to reply and we want to feel free to follow up to make those connects, but not if it costs us and we still aren't hired. Last year was our first year on Thumbtack. We received almost half our clients from this service.

This year, we have zero clients from Thumbtack. And we have dramatically reduced how we contact clients as we do not want to be charged for individuals who are not ready for our services. Lastly, the information that is now provided by the quotes is convoluted and difficult to understand. As event planners, detailed information is key to providing correct quotes.

Again, we didn't mind paying for leads but your pricing structure is very high as many have commented and the quality of leads is low. As far as seeing the pricing for a lead, please place it right with the request. We shouldn't have to dig through several layers to find the price to talk to a prospective client. 

Re: Good news about pricing!

You all really missed the point. Lower the prices or we are done period. Look at our accounts we know it’s at an all time low. They can’t fool us. Let us know when thumbtack has gotten some sense. Until then we are done.
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Re: Good news about pricing!

Hi Jason.

First off, thanks for the update.  Where is this "Request Tab" you mention?

Next, unfortunately for Thumbtack, this is too little, too late.

The pricing structure your company has rolled out has priced yourself out of the market for my line of small business.  I am no longer quoting from your platform and question whether I need to keep my account active.

By the numbers: On Thumbtack, in 2017 I received 320 leads, quoted 145 of them, and booked 3.  I earned $1300 gross for the bookings, and paid out $562 to Thumbtack, for a gross return of about 130%.  Not bad, but not great considering the amount of work that went into booking 3 measly gigs.  (BTW this was the lowest lead conversion of all of the services I use by far--Thumbtack always has the lowest quality leads.)

in 2018, I have received similar amount of leads, (about 300) less quotes (60), and slightly better quote conversion (3 gigs for $1400.) Those quotes/leads have cost me $353 so far. 

Here's the kicker: since your company's latest pricing model rolled out, I have only heard from 3 leads (none of which booked) and those three leads make up almost ONE-THIRD of my entire Thumbtack cost for the year.

I haven't received a reply since August, and I no longer quote the 5-10 times per month like I used to because if those clients all responded the cost would put me out of business, I'm quoting maybe one per month if it's a really juicy lead.  Also it's now more difficult to convert those leads because I have to build your company's charge into the quote, so my prices have gone up 25% as well.

Bottom line, I now pay too much using your company's service compared to the benefits I receive.  Please reply on how to find the Requests tab.

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Re: Good news about pricing!

Oh holy cow! You ended up paying TT $500??? 

I clean houses, and make $20 per hour. Most jobs are 4 hours. Okay. TT sets a price for my sending a quote. When I see a job that seems to fit my services in some way, I then look at how much it will cost me to Quote. If it is more than $10, it isnt worth my sending a quote! I have pointed this out to TT more thsan once and nothing has changed. Talk about "sticker shock." For an $80 job, TT wanted me tyo pay anywhere from $25 to $35!!!!! NOT. Absolutely NOT.


Re: Good news about pricing!

@NomadYag thanks for reaching out and giving us your feedback regarding pricing. Pricing is something we're constantly re-evaluating and the feedback we receive from pros is super helpful, so please keep that coming! We've made a few changes since this original post. Instead of seeing the request tab, you'll now see jobs tab. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm always happy to help! 

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