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Good news about pricing!

In the few months since this Community launched, we heard a lot of pros saying that they wanted to see prices before they send quotes, since that helps them make better decisions for their business.

Your feedback made this a priority for us, and we’re excited to share that you can now see prices upfront on all jobs in the Requests tab. In other words, you can now see the price you’ll pay if a customer contacts you before you actually decide to send a quote (check out the sample screenshots below).

We realize there’s still more work to be done to make sure we’re charging the right prices for customers who contact you. We’re constantly reevaluating the prices we charge and we're constantly looking for ways to improve them. Stay tuned.

It’s because of pros like you who continue to provide valuable feedback that we can continue to make Thumbtack better for all pros. So thank you for investing in our Community, and please keep the feedback coming!

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Re: Good news about pricing!


What pricing will we see if we use Instant Match? Currently you do not even send us an email or text allerting us to the fact that a quote was sent by the Thumbtack BidBot.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections

Re: Good news about pricing!

@HansenJC, if you're using Instant Match then your weekly budget is your main way to track and control your spending. Pros can also check the QA section of the budget page under each service they offer and "How much do I pay". For example for you in Home Inspection, a typical customer contact costs around $22, and a contact will never cost more than $68.

Re: Good news about pricing!

You wrote this note to us back in August. To this day I have never seen a price quote from Thumbtack, neither just before or just after I hit "send a quote". Also, a lot of my price quotes are for repairs, appraisal, or consultations of design. I charge between $10 and $50. So how can you justify 25% or more% charges out of this? I know Thumbtack has to make a living, but ease up!
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Re: Good news about pricing!

@RothsteinJewlry that's odd that you aren't able to see the cost, let's get that figured out! The next time you look at a job from the jobs tab, go ahead and take a screenshot of what you're seeing and send it to me in a private message. We'll get this taken care of for you. 

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Re: Good news about pricing!

Funny, I would, but I haven't been sent any new prospects yet. Weird.

Re: Good news about pricing!

Exactly! I was charged for the job that I didn't know about because of the Instant match to the customer. Thumbtacks also didn't send the alert or noticed me about that job unless the customer reply.
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Re: Good news about pricing!

This is a step in the right direction. 

But Thumbtack is still asking for me to spend $24 on a LEAD for a $75 job. 30% for a "maybe"?  How does that make sense to the business owner?  On the other services I use the same LEAD is costing me $5-6.  I'm paying 15% for a HIRE.  Please explain how this math works, because it sure doesn't make sense to me.

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Where’s the love?

For starters
My weekly insights:
I spent $236 for five contacts
One of them I have actually spoken to and emailed menus to them 🤞
4 of them = tire kickers ie: responded with a generic “Click a button” response Never to be heard from again
And because of the new click the button response (terrible idea btw) more Of them are playing around or not even legitimate potential clients ( I still get a lot of fraudulent requests via text messages from scammers asking if I accept credit cards for my services )
So bottom line I paid $236 to speak to one person with no promise to hire as of yet 🙏
This is a weekly occurrence. Obviously there are times that I do get hired but out of 46 quotes ?? Terrible ROI

And God forbid should I reach out to customer service and request credit for any of that, then I’m faced with rude responses of how “” the client contacted me “” it’s in the FAQs blah blah blah
When in all actuality they really didn’t — they clicked on a button on their screen (they didn’t physically type in something. As this would take some sort of effort and eliminate most of that)
*** before all the changes started happening, customer service was amazing! It was actually an enjoyable experience and I really felt taken care of and listened to. As we all know that is not the case with customer service these days . I personally strive to go above and beyond with customer service in my business and that is what has proved successful for me.
They were compassionate understanding and would go above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of before the end of the phone call —- this is so not the case anymore 😩 and I actually Feel sympathy for the customer service reps I can’t imagine what their day is like dealing with frustration from everyone that calls them and their ability to fix that has been taken away from them.

A lot of things have been taken away with all the new changes.

When we were buying credits and were able to buy a large amount and get free credits I think was awesome 😎 customer incentive is huge and it made me feel like I was getting a little bonus, I loved it — now it’s gone 😢

As a business owner I look to other businesses to see what works for them. I treat every event individually . I do my best to work with budgets I add in low-cost perks ( bottom was spa water for instanice or a reusable I treat everyone individually
I do my best to work with budgets
I add in low-cost perks bottom was spa water for instance and a reusable cup with trail mix with my logo on it for every client and every event.
It’s not just a marketing strategy it also makes them feel like they’re getting a little something extra and it makes me feel good giving it to them. And discounts if somebody referred to me or for return customers.
It’s the little things.

Here’s a concept; what if we had the ability to reach a status where we were highlighted or featured as a top or trusted business on Thumbtack?
Maybe this would be those with high reviews or length of time on Thumbtack or Perhaps it would change weekly, monthly with whomever is most active or spending the most??
What would it be like if we were incentivized or given free credits when we reached a certain spending amount or something of that nature?? And it would be awesome to get notifications when we have been credited for any reason. I can’t even navigate the app or website to find what has been credited. 🤓
I still can’t figure out how to find out what the quote is going to cost me from a drop-down menu on the requests. And I like to consider myself somewhat tech savvy .
And I’ll finish this off with another suggestion.
How about some client accountability? What changes would bring about to have people posting a job or request to pay for it? As I said I’ve hired many pros off of TT myself. lawn service, house cleaning, sprinkler service, handyman service All of which I am still using these people and giving them referrals. I would have happily paid a small fee once I hire them or even to place might ad all of which I am still using these people and giving them referrals. I would have happily paid a small fee once I hire them or even to place my ad. Even craigslist charges to post an ad on there website. This ensures there will be no tire kicking. There will be no “I’ve changed my mind I’m going to different direction.” There will be no “I’ve hired a different pro— not on Thumbtack,” etc. This will almost guarantee you serious people that are actually on your platform to hire one of your reputable professionals. This makes the professional happy and keeps them coming back thumbtack makes money the client is happy and will be returning clients and also refer other people to thumbtack and in the end isn’t this what we all want??
This will guarantee serious people that are actually on your platform to hire one of your reputable professionals. This makes the professional happy and keeps them coming back
thumbtack makes money
the client is happy and will be returning and also refer other people to thumbtack and in the end isn’t this what we all want?? I believe it will have a more positive ripple of fact than most of the recent changes. Customer Service will definitely feel the difference in their daily workload because the professionals will be getting a positive result. This is not so much the case lately .
So you’re probably wondering why I’m still on thumbtack , a very valid question which I’ve often asked myself lately 🧐
Honestly Thumbtack is a fantastic & ingenious idea and a wonderful platform! I like to see the big picture and I see thumbtack as the leader in its industr.
There are definitely others out there with the similar concept, however being the pioneer in the industry you have mastered more of the dynamics that go into being successful.
Airbnb, Amazon, Lyft, WorldVentures, are all big companies that do not need to Advertise in the conventional way. They Are customer service based. they are platforms that have a reputation for being trusted for all parties involved buyers sellers and employees . I personally use every single one of them and have been for quite sometime. I am loyal to them, I refer them all the time! And I use most of them both as a customer and Business owner.
Their business models are sustainable, they celebrate all parties involved by either offering incentives, recognition, discounts or bonuses etc. And their employees /representatives are happy and a pleasure to deal with.
With the growth of my own company and other businesses, a lot of changes have had to be made, a lot of struggles, a lot of tough times and also a lot of growth, positivity & profit etc. it’s all part of it and bring an entrepreneur, I understand that.
Anyone that runs at the first sight of trouble in the business industry should not be in the business industry.

So to answer that question I am still with thumbtack because I believe this company somewhere up the chain of command and the powers to be there is a core value similar to these other companies.
We just need to get it back and we as the professionals NEED to feel that sense that we matter again. It’s been a blessing for me at a game changer but lately too much is changing and not for the better and as most everyone leaving posts and replies on this forum will tell you it feels like it’s falling on deaf ears. Thanks for reading my book. LOL this is all feedback I have given time and time again on the phone via emails on the app etc And this will be my final feedback on the matter either things will change or they won’t.
Thanks for reading have a blessed day ! 😊

No control

I agree with this. I’m now spending way more, for what feels like WAY fewer contacts. I teach voice lessons, and quotes used to cost $3. Now it’s almost $20 per contact, and many don’t pan out. Do better, Thumbtack!