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Re: No control

This about sums up my experience too. 

George Guarino
Level 5

Re: Where’s the love?

Apparently Thumbtack does not like criticism as they removed my previous response claiming a "violation" of community guidelines.

What.  Ever.

Each time Thumbtack makes a change they claim is for-the-better, it's actually better for THEM.  As in THEIR (Thumbtack's) bottom-line.  Each and every change they make is ANTI-Service provider.   For DJ's, there used to be a question that had to be answered when they were looking to book (which would tell you if they were actively booking or just price-shopping).  It wasn't long before that question was removed, claiming they were getting complaints.  

Umm...the people coming to the site looking are NOT Thumbtack's customers.  THE SERVICE PROVIDERS ARE!  But, they also removed it because the price-shopping inquiries were NOT getting responses.  There's nothing "good" about this so-called "good news."

They now let a ton of providers bid on inquiries, rather than limit them.   And, have you noticed how difficult (almost impossible) it is to get in touch with someone AT Thumbtack?  They stopped caring about providers a long, long time ago.  But they know that they'll continue to make changes that are NOT friendly to the service provider and that providers will continue to fork over the money.

I stopped bidding on jobs a long time ago on here.  I'm not going to pay $40 for someone to give me a basic answer and never respond.  I could spend that $40 on Adwords and probably get a lead or two.  At least I'm getting people TO my website...unlike Thumbtack.

It would be great if TT went back to the way they were.  But, that horse left the barn a long, long time ago.

Moderator Meckell

Re: Where’s the love?

@RYANT you aren't alone when it comes to pricing and I promise we're listening. Changes just take time. Prices are higher, but overall, our pricing system is better than before. In the past, you would pay to send every single quote regardless if a customer responded or not (it wasn't in our refund policy to refund for quotes where customers didn't respond.) Now, you don't have to worry about that because if they don't respond, you don't get charged.

As we're making changes, we really want pros feedback on pricing for their service in their area. If you have some time, I'd love if you could share your suggestions with our Product Team here. If you have any questions regarding your account or anything else, feel free to send me a private message at any time. I want to help in any way that I can. 

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Re: Where’s the love?

"it wasn't in our refund policy to refund for quotes where customers didn't respond"???? If you didn't get a response within 48 hours the cost was refunded
Moderator Meckell

Re: Where’s the love?

@Gilly10000 In the past if the quote wasn't viewed within 48 hours, it would get refunded. For example, if the customer viewed your quote within 48 hours and didn't respond, you still got charged. 

Level 5

Re: Where’s the love?

Great point, and you're right.  The circular answers are starting to catch up with them, I am sure its hard to keep up with the carousel.  There was an auto refund if the service seeker didn't view your quote.

Level 5

Re: Where’s the love?

I agree with you.  If the new quoting fees had that as part of the design; no view within a certain amount of time would result in a refund, that would be a step in the right direction.  I'm quite unhappy with the way it is as of, 10/06/18.

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Re: Where’s the love?

We are only interested in buying leads that come with a phone number.

That is why we will not turn on instant match.

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Re: Where’s the love?

 "If they don't respond, you don't get charged". That is is not the problem. We are more worried if they do respond but you still don't get hired. Then you paid a big fee for nothing. 

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Re: Where’s the love?

Hello Meckell,

First of all the OWNER of this company "THE PAINTER'S TOUCH! LLC." are David and Valerie NOT Glen. When we originally signed up for Thumbtack, Glen and David were partners, under another name.  I, Valerie, was the person who found and signed the original company up with Thumbtack.   All of the materials used on the site in the way of pictures and reviews were from David and NOT Glen.  The Partnership dissolved because it wasn't working, so David and I struck out on our own and started, The Painter's Touch! Llc.   This is our third rodeo, just in a new territory.

When we ASKED your representative if we had to start all over again to introduce our new company name, they told me that I had to do was change the information. (By this point, David was responsible for causing the original company to become a "Top Pro". ) All of the reviews on the profile reflected DAVID.  I even reached out to your top Exec. to see about this change being made.  And it took weeks before a response was received, but it was negative.  Even to the point of telling us that we would lose our "Top Pro" status!  WOW!!! REALLY?????   

The irony is that I contacted "" regarding the same issue.  HOW ABOUT IT WAS CHANGED and REFLECTED IMMEDIATELY!!!!  All we had to do was present the proper documentation and it was done.  You all requested the same and THEN DENIED us!  REALLY????

How reassuring to us as professionals!  Who could I refer to this company if this is the service and response we get???  In life, there are unexpected changes and mis-fortunes that occur.  However, insult is added to injury when you can't assist someone in making simple changes OR giving them the correct information from the start.  

Let's talk pricing.  We understand in business, the cost increase will come from time to time.  But when yours came, they were cost SPIKES, not increases! They were too much, too quickly!   We weren't given the option to get acclaimated to the changes.  Additionally, with the fact that we are already contending with the masses, but to have to pay for contending with more than 4 other contenders, you might as well be out on your own.  That put us in a tailspin!  WOW!!!!  Was not a good look!  If there were customers that wanted more, give THEM the more individually.  But don't do that to your Professionals, you just put us back into the shark tank!!!

Just to echo what professional KimV stated, (when we first started with Thumbtack, we called in and gave suggestions to help to make your service better, WITHOUT cost!) I did it because I believed in you as a company and your incentives made us feel as though we were accomplishing some important things in our start-up months!  

How could you go from having wonderful customer service and being incentive driven, to where you are now???  I was just speaking to David about the last tire-kicker that has us owing you all $41.41.  THIS individual didn't have the decency to respond, after we contacted them and offered to meet with them that day!  We were the only one that they chose at that point!  As a new start-up without funding,  and you are not established enough to work consistently, this becomes a NIGHTMARE, instead of a BLESSING!!!  Who wants to go around owing another company???  

We had even shut down the instant match, and when we looked up, it was back on and in areas that we don't even service!!!  As KimV stated, make the client pay for the lead and see if you will have as many tire-kickers in your arena.  The last 4 or so were just that!  Tire-kickers!!! UNFAIR!!!   Like another professional said, let us see the bid cost, and then let US decide whether it's in our budget or not!  DON'T MAKE BILLS for me!  

Additionally, ALL of the services that we offer requires you seeing the project BEFORE quoting a price.  Otherwise, you can UNDERBID or OVERBID!  If you underbid, you get taken!  If you overbid, you don't get the job!  We contacted customer service because we couldn't submit a quote. Per customer service it was BECAUSE we had not set a monetary quote for that service.  I explained our policy on that. But they insisted that it be done, Thumbtack's way!  Thumbtack doesn't do that type work.  We do!  We like to be transparent! 

We have been without work for the past 3 months! When we get paid, we will pay you for an unfair bid.

Don't mean to sound like we are totally complaining, but just wanted to be forthright and honest about the way things are on our end!

I hope that these insights are NOT FALLING ON deaf ears.  If so, you have just become HOME ADVISOR!!!   (Been there, Done that!


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