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Lately I'm getting customers, that don't seem to want a service, they get on here and I get charged for talking to them, one was $18.  For the life of me, I can't understand that, she decided she was not ready to hire.  That's alot of customers who arent seriously looking for a move-out cleaner, but just playing on their computer.  I can't afford these kinds of customers.  Whats up with this?  People don't normally bother someones business, unless they need a service.  This is not right.

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Re: Housekeeping

Good Morning @Indablue, I appreciate you writing in about this as I’m sure you’re not the only pro that’s experiencing these feelings. The way I view this is almost the same way I would if I owned a store. In the situation you describe, the customer could be browsing, and decide to walk into my store. I would still greet them, they may stay a minute or two to see what I offer, but then go on to the next store. I didn’t get the sale, however that time still cost me. Cost me the amount I pay for the store to be there, to keep the lights on, and pay my employees.


In the end, I know as the store owner that I won’t always make a sale from every customer. However, the customers that do stay and buy what I’m selling are the ones that make up for the ones that are just looking. On Thumbtack, although a hire is never guaranteed, the idea is that you get hired often enough to make that spending worth it while always getting your business’s name out there.

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