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I have a suggestion

I manage a DJ/Entertainment business and for a while I avoided the "Promote" feature just like I did the "Instant Match"...because I do not like having someone/thing other than me in control of my money.  But since I have seen little results from the traditional way of responding to a client job (this is a whole other issue I want to address with Thumbtack) then I guess I will Promote.  After trying Promote it appears that even though I have set my price estimates for certain jobs I'm still getting leads for clients who list their budget WAY below my price estimate.  How is this considered a good lead and why should I pay for that?  If the client has to list their budget then why can't that be part of the criteria that qualifies them to be matched with my business?  I'm ok with paying for leads if their budget matches my price estimate or is at least near it but that is not the case, not to mention the cost per lead is already pretty high.  Honestly, I feel that if I continue to use Promote I'm going to be broke in a month.

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Re: I have a suggestion

Promote would be a much more fair solution if the pro were billed only after the pro responds and the lead responds back with a positive response.
At that point we have the beginnings of a viable match and now it's up to the pro to win the business.
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Re: I have a suggestion

@MR I'm a DJ service pro in AZ. Been using TT for about 10 years now. I'm right there with you. I've made that same suggestion multiple times over the years along with many other suggestions multiple times over the years. What's been done with those suggestions I've made is beyond me to the point I've given up making any more suggestions. TT listens really well to their service pros. They just don't hear us! 

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Re: I have a suggestion


I 'm a DJ service Pro in Florida, and been on Thumbtack for almost a year and a half. Myself, @Hankster and many other Pros have given our suggestions and ideas for improving Promote for several months now.  There have been a few threads recently asking for our input, but I'm not going to repeat all of my suggestions/ideas here because repitition is frowned upon here.

Just like you, I do NOT like having someone/thing control my money and how it's spent. I want to see everything ahead of time, but some Pros don't care how much they spend. As for Promote, I've tried it a couple of times, being charged for conversation starters has become ridiculous. Last time I tried it was about month ago at the advice of a rep via phone who wanted to help and show me that Promote will work. Well, I had nothing! Even she was surprised, because I did everything this rep asked me to do and more. So with that said, she agreed that I keep Promote on pause, where I was having alot of success. Then middle of last week, the local jobs stopped coming in the jobs tab.

Anyway, I've also noticed customers' budgets are WAY under my fees. We can't control that, but do we accept 4 hour DJ jobs for under $300, if lead cost is between $25-$40, travel time, and anything else we may need to purchase( gobo, props, etc). How much is left for us to make a profit? Not much. That is one reason I need to see everything ahead of time before I decide on sending a quote. What is hard for them(not the moderators because someone else brainstormed Promote) to understand?

Hopefully the past suggestions/ideas for improving Promote will be implemented very soon. I'm more than frustrated with their thread mentioning improvements, where in actuallity, some of the improvements have taken away very helpful tools.

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Re: I have a suggestion

Excellent point @DJStevie! I just got a DJ lead in the Jobs tab today for a 5 hour Wedding event. Her budget? $100. That's not a typo! The cost for this lead was $32.98. I'd be happy to show the moderators this job lead. I declined the lead naturally. I don't blame the lead at all. They have no clue what a DJ service charges. I blame Thumbtack for not educating their customer on what it would cost for a DJ service. I mean after all Thumbtack tailors everything to their customers forgetting of course that we the service pro are also their customer & deserve the same respect. Your competitor who I won't name does that EVERY TIME a lead submits a request. It should read something like this:

DJ | Wedding, Guests: 25-50 , Private Residence

The leads name, city, state & zip code of where the event will be

Average value: $425-600

How hard is this simple change to implement? Thumbtack has been in business for 10 years now! Why has this never been done? Let's get this right & educate your customers! Maybe then we the service pro who again are also your customers will start to see better quality leads come our way! 

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Re: I have a suggestion

@ProfoundEnt thanks for starting this discussion. I hear you that it can be frustrating to list your prices to then have customers reach out with a much lower price in their mind. I'll be making sure to pass on your feedback that you feel the customer should enter their spending limit and see pros within that range if any. 

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Re: I have a suggestion

Sorry to be repetitive here on this thread but the lead needs to see what the average value of a service pro is @Kameron That to me would elimnate a lot of the ridiculously low budgets that we see from leads on a consistent basis in the Jobs tab. These same leads use Promote. I want to make money. Not give my business away! At least one of the other lead services out there provides that to their customers which I've already included on a previous post on this same thread.


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Re: I have a suggestion


Great idea!! I've seen that on 2 other platforms and it works great!! If customers saw that, as we see their budget line, it would help to weed out all those ridiculously low budgets.