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Re: How to simply "pass" on an Instant Match quote?

@Hankster, that is exactly my point as well- the Thubmtack should stop calling or treating them a "future lead" since there is no email or phone # provided  when we click on the Pass option..  

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Changing the Instant match quote.

I cant seam to be able to alter the instant match message and what it is currently posting is a waste. How do you change the instant match quote template? Below is the current template and its basicaly a total waste. 

More info needed for your estimate
Kingslien Creations is interested in projects like yours but needs more information to get specific. Message to work out the details.
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Instant Match Question

Will Thumbtack tell us if, and when Instant Match is being turned off in an individual market?

I heard from my success manager that IM was going away.  Did I hear wrong?

thanks,  Reese T.

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Re: Instant Match Question

I think they've replaced instant match with "Promoted Services".   I turned off Promoted Services on Monday after only getting one job with eight very expensive quotes, and haven't seen a quote since. 

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Re: Instant Match Question

@JoeB131I'm with you Joe! I've turned off Promote as well. Too many expensive quotes and being charged for leads that I wouldn't bid on in the first place. This has to improve and quickly

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Re: Instant Match Question

Hi @ReeseTee! With the shift to Search Results, we've made some changes. One of those changes has been evolving Instant Match into Promote. Go here to learn more about promote and how it works. If you have any questions about this, I'm always happy to clarify. Send me a private message at any time. 

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Re: Instant Match Question

Not exactly happy with the official reply.  I have never used Instant Match.  I only do manual bids.  What I need to understand: Are the job-posters that are receiving my manual bid, still receiving the Instant Match "Robo-Bids"
That is the question that I need an answer to.

Anyone know the answer to this?

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Re: Instant Match Question

ReeseTee- Yes, they will get the "Robo-bids" first before you even see the bids. 

Is it Just Me, or did Instant Match ruin Thumbtack?

Has anyone else noticed that ever since Instant Match, the experience is just not that great anymore?

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Re: Instant Match

Im in Calif. Garage door leads. The price for lead was affordable last year now the prices keep going up. Hardest part to swallow is multiple people paying for same customer lead. I have proff and it is happening. Even businesses that have paused leads are still being charged. Its not good business toi build a lead generating system that has so.many open flaws then day we dont give refunds!  If no customer contact then lead cancled job there should be no charge. This is starting to turn into Homeadvisor which i left for thumbtack.