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Re: Let's talk about your profile

That's what I liked about the old quoting system.   You could customize the quotes based on the customer's request.  Can't do that now.


Re: Let's talk about your profile

I, too, cannot use instant match - there are too many variables to consider.  So what I would like is a way to tell it that I am never going to use it and stop having it ask me about setting it up.  This is especially true since I get a lot of requests for dogs that I would pass on - and I'm afraid "instant match" would send a bid.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I agree.. I teach CPR and I have a different rate for how many people attend the class. This is a beyond crazy.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I don't like the automatic bidding process. I like the old style where you were able to see the project and then decide to send bid or not. Sometimes the automatic reply options sends bids that we are unable to do then it is money wasted. Also, i get multiple projects to bid that are outside my area and or state!! annoying. Otherwise, very good source to get new projects.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I would love if there is a way to add a feature where you are notified by text or email when an instant match occurs. This way you can send an introductory letter with the quote.
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Please stop asking me to complete and update my profile with a license. Those of us who do not have a license dont need the license statement on our profile.

Re: Let's talk about your profile

Price structure needs to go back to the way it was originally.

Ever sinve the new "instant match" I have not gotten a single new client!

It is also very impersonal.

This is now a waste of time and money at the moment.

You guys have gotten far too greedy charging "per contact/conversation" as opposed to us getting a client.


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Re: Let's talk about your profile

"Ever since the new "instant match" I have not gotten a single new client!"

Likewise, Ever since, "Instant Match" I haven't received a new client either.. Yet, I had money taken out my account because "Fake/Thumbtack" pretend to be a couple clients.. Yet, they never booked..

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Instant Match & My 2 Cents

I've supported a couple of sites like this since their early inception and have noticed a pattern; once they get big enough they start to support top tier earners and weed out the rest, typically seen though updates and a drastic decrease in expected income and/or new requirments, increased user cost, decreased user benifits, seo adjustments, bugs with your accounts etc.

Instant match is new to me but, it seems theres a lot of room for abuse and a general, understandable mistrust. 

Having said that, this would be a crafty way to make a heafty profit while weeding out non top-tier earners and spenders.

Who knows perhaps i'm being harsh and TT will be the exception - I just know i'm not comfortable letting a bot send a gernaric quote to someone(?) I have no details about on my behalf. 

Sadly, (in my experience) the alternative is to be the backbone of yet another new (if not affiliated) site intended to support small businesses and freelancers until they've currated enough top-tier earners to forget about the little guys years of contribution getting them there and the cycle of "improvments" unfolds.

TIP check your settings my default advanced settings gave permission to send quotes outside of my "set" preferences and my weekly budget was auto-set to nearly max! 

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

How about you stop changing the site.  Every time you do it gets worse. 


Instant Match is a trainwreck.  Everything was great before Instant Match.  Now I only get leads for services I don't provide in areas I don't work.  Thanks.   


Stop trying to be exactly like other lead generation websites.  I came here to get away from them!


If you want to change something, post a CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER.